Dimitre Osmanli

  • Dimitre Osmanli – Mirno leto AKA A Quiet Summer (1961)

    1961-1970ComedyDimitre OsmanliYugoslaviaYugoslavian Cinema under Tito

    From the blu-ray cover:
    The summer vacation of Mira and Zare turns into a revolving door of familiar characters – relatives and friends – who uninvited move into their retreat by the lake. The old house in which Zare prepares the ethnographic exhibition is slowly becoming an overcrowded hotel, so neither he can do his job nor Mira can enjoy her painting. Will this young couple succeed in regaining their peace and place back, and getting rid of the demanding guests?Read More »

  • Dimitrie Osmanli – Bunt na kuklite AKA Dolls’ Rebellion (1957)

    1951-1960Dimitre OsmanliDramaShort FilmYugoslaviaYugoslavian Cinema under Tito

    A child has a fantastic dream. After playing with toy soldiers, the child dreams about them and identifies with them, forgetting about his child games and friendships. In the dream, the toy soldiers get together and rebel against the child and win. The child awakens and realizes that friendships and child games can not be replaced by anything.Read More »

  • Dimitre Osmanli – Zedj AKA Thirst (1971)

    1971-1980Dimitre OsmanliDramaMacedoniaYugoslavian Cinema under Tito

    The inhabitants of a small village in a backward area of Macedonia earn their living by sending their men abroad in search of employment. Three young girls, named Elica, Maria and Nikolina live and work as schoolteachers in the village. Each of them try to make sense of their lives, in that situation where it is imposed on them. In the village the greatest problem is the supply of water. Spring water is carried by Marko from the distant mountains Marko is falls in love with the poor girl Kate. The monotonous peasant life is dispelled with the arrival of a group of mining engineers who come to do some research. The one engineer, named Victor is among them and he attracts the schoolteacher Maria’s attention. The return of Trendafil the old man working abroad, Kate’s uncle, is a special event in the village’s life. The destiny of a great number of the inhabitants depends on the wealth of the uncle returned from America. However there is no place for faith and hope as the uncle returns with no earnings at all.Read More »

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