Dito Tsintsadze

Dito Tsintsadze – Shindisi AKA A Batalha de Shindisi (2019)

Georgia’s Oscar submission tells a harrowing true story taken from the Russo-Georgian War of 2008.

Shindisi is the name of the sleepy village where director Dito Tsintsadze’s passionately told tale of soldiers and civilians is set, a story made all the more poignant because it is taken from a real-life incident from the brief Russo-Georgian War of August 2008. For those turned off by war films, this is not your typical macho fantasy, though there is a long and well-filmed sequence of shooting, shelling, torching and grenades. But the pic’s real focus is on the compassion and bravery of the villagers who risked their lives to rescue wounded Georgian troops. Read More »