Doris Wishman

  • Doris Wishman – Satan Was a Lady (2001)

    2001-2010Doris WishmanDramaUSA

    Wishman’s plot rotates around the maneuverings of a whore who longs for a touch of mink and a seat at the finer tables in life. Blackmail, betrayal, murder and malice are all part of her tender trade. Lord help anyone who lays in her way.Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – Double Agent 73 (1974)

    1971-1980ActionDoris WishmanEroticaThe Female GazeUSA

    Doris Wishman reteamed with Chesty Morgan, star of DEADLY WEAPONS and possessor of a much-touted 73-inch bust, for this spy thriller. This time around, Morgan plays Jane, a master secret agent who uses her eye-popping anatomy to help bring down a drug kingpin flooding the market with bad heroin. Among the outré set pieces: Chesty-as-Jane killing a man by seducing him with her poison-covered breasts.Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – Love Toy (1971) (HD)

    1971-1980Doris WishmanEroticaExploitationUSA

    This is a film by Doris Wishman.

    This means you are in for less of a film, and more of a surreal experience marked by wooden dialogue, unappetizing sex scenes, shots of random pieces of furniture, gentle lounge music, impossibly unattractive men, nude girls checking themselves out in a mirror (and liking what they see), and many close-ups of eyes and open-mouthed kisses.Read More »

  • Sokrates Kapsaskis & Doris Wishman – O Zestos minas Avgoustos AKA The Hot Month of August (1966)

    1961-1970CrimeDoris WishmanDramaGreeceSokrates Kapsaskis

    A chance encounter with an international playboy and a clandestine affair with a cryptic married woman entangle an unsuspecting young man in a well-planned conspiracy. Has anyone emerged unscathed from the unbreakable shackles of passion? (IMDB)Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – Too Much Too Often! (1968)

    1961-1970Doris WishmanEroticaExploitationUSA

    Take a deep breath, meditate for a few moments to cleanse the mind, make sure there are no sharp objects in the room, strap on a seat belt, and carefully enter the world of Too Much Too Often, yet another slice of unintentional surrealism from The First Lady of Sexploitation, director/producer DORIS WISHMAN (here billed under the name of her then-husband, Louis Silverman). But beware: your mind may never be the same…Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls (1962)

    1961-1970Doris WishmanEroticaExploitationUSA


    Anne and Tom, a married nudist couple, work in a real estate office. When the agency’s owner discovers that Tom is a nudist, he fires him. Unfortunately, Tom was just ready to close a big real-estate deal with Al Jenkins. Tom goes to his favorite nudist camp to take his mind off his problems and discovers that Al Jenkins is also a member of the nudist camp. Together they come up with a plan to get Tom’s wife and their boss to get to the nudist camp so they can close the deal.Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – Love Toy (1971)

    1971-1980Doris WishmanEroticaExploitationUSA


    He knew all the games… she was the plaything

    DORIS WISHMAN, the First Lady of Exploitation, makes the ultimate Deviate’s dream come true with this extraordinarily demented piece of celluloid sickness.

    A degenerate gambler, unable to come up with the cash necessary for a high stakes poker game, bets his nubile daughter. And loses. His daughter immediately becomes the delectable property of a hot-to-trot sex fiend and the film promptly becomes a catalogue of perversion, wallowing in domination, humiliation, fetishism, voyeurism, masturbation, lesbianism, spanking, bondage, blowjobs, incest, and more. You’ll be showering for days after this one!Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – Let Me Die a Woman (1978)

    1971-1980DocumentaryDoris WishmanExploitationUSA


    Christopher J. Jarmick wrote:
    A fairly serious pseudo-documentary, which captures the lifestyles of several transsexuals in various stages of changing their gender. Dr Leo Wollman M.D. was a legitimate practicing doctor who is our guide through this one of a kind, once shocking film that features some footage of operations that are not completely revealing but not for the squeamish. There are some scenes of probing of a constructed vagina and shots of men with artificially developed breasts. Then there are several staged soft-core scenes thrown into the film to add to the hodgepodge. Dr Wollman occasionally makes statements like “not all dildos are used for medical purposes.” Note: actual on screen credits were not available to verify credits. From the advertisements: “All True! All Real! See a man become a woman before your eyes!”, “Born a Man . . . Let Me Die A Woman”, “Torn from Today’s Headlines.”Read More »

  • Doris Wishman – Diary of a Nudist (1961)

    1961-1970CultDoris WishmanExploitationUSA


    From Imdb:
    Quite honestly, this film is crap. It’s laughably written, woodenly acted, badly filmed and dubbed, and contains only a wisp of a plot. It’s also pretty boring. And yet, I couldn’t look away! Must have been the wall-to-wall nudity, the whole raison d’etre of this turkey.

    It’s quite refreshing to see so many beautiful naked women circa 1961. There’s no silicone to be found, and these women look happy, healthy and well tanned. Watching them cavort for the length of this movie is a pleasure, but it’s the only pleasure you’ll get out of this lame duck.Read More »

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