Dorota Kedzierzawska

  • Dorota Kedzierzawska – Wrony AKA Crows (1994)


    A kidnapped happiness

    In Wrony (Crows, 1994), the central place is given once again to a little girl, this time set against the background of a small town. It also is a film about love, but this time about the absence of it. Wrona, the skinny and mouthy girl of a fragile build with a face of both an innocent and a scamp, kidnaps another little girl (Maleństwo) from the neighbourhood. She does so in order to find someone to love and to be loved herself.
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  • Dorota Kedzierzawska – Koniec swiata AKA The End of the World (1988)

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    Study of two lonely old people who have been married for many years, their relationship having atrophied into a silent war. This wordless struggle has become their way of life, yet underneath it all there is still tenderness and love between them.
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