Douglas Heyes

  • Douglas Heyes – The French Atlantic Affair (1979)

    1971-1980Douglas HeyesDramaTVUSA

    When the SS Festivale sets sail from New York to France, its 3,000 passengers include Pulitzer Prize-winning author Harold Columbine and 146 members of the Church of the Cosmic Path, led by Father Craig Dunleavy, their charismatic messiah. Seizing control of the ship, Dunleavy demands $70 million in gold, intending to kill everyone onboard once it’s paid. Without knowing which passengers are cultists and warned that 12 will die for every hijacker harmed, Columbine and the captain search for a way to save 3,000 lives before Dunleavy makes good on his threat. Based on a novel by screenwriter Ernest Lehman, this mini-series was broadcast over three nights in November 1979. -LetterboxdRead More »

  • Douglas Heyes – Aspen (1977)

    1971-1980Douglas HeyesDramaThrillerUSA

    The trial of an Aspen man accused of the rape and murder of a teenager.Read More »

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