Giorgi Shengelaia – Khareba da Gogia AKA Khareba and Gogia (1987)

This film tells the story fighters who are fighting against the feudal order in Georgia. Read More »

Frank V. Ross – Hohokam (2007)

After an old friend’s visit ends, Lori is feeling a bit down. Bored with her job, agitated at home, and frustrated with money problems, Lori takes out her anger on her ex-marine boyfriend, Anson. However, after a broken mug, a trip to the zoo and a case of the shingles Lori’s mood changes. Read More »

Itonje Søimer Guttormsen – Gritt (2021)

Gritt left Norway with the dream of becoming an actress, but failed to find fame in Hollywood and Berlin. Back in Oslo, she manages to get an internship at an underground theatre company and secretly moves into their performance space, embarking on a mission to bury capitalism and the patriarchy. Read More »

Avery Crounse – Cries of Silence AKA Sister Island (1996)

After a hurricane wreaks havoc on Sister Island, Mississippi, rescue parties find a young girl on the shore. The girl is alive and soon opens her eyes, but she is non responsive. Dorrie takes her to her mother’s home and goes back to the island to look for family. Although there were only 30 people on the island, none of the survivors claim to know her. Weeks go by and while Camille begins to show signs of conscience she remains mute. Dorrie redoubles her efforts to find her family. She soon finds that she will battle the state, people she trusted and those who lived on Sister Island. It will be a long twisting road filled with heartbreak for both Camille and Dorrie. Read More »

George Archainbaud – The Return of Sophie Lang (1936)

In order to give up her life of crime and go straight, renowned jewel thief Sophie Lang fakes her own death and retires to London. Read More »

Sandra Kogut – Três Verões (2019)

Over a trio of summers, a caretaker for luxury condominiums relies on her resourcefulness and her eye for opportunity to take advantage of whatever comes her way as her employers are caught in major corruption scandals. Read More »

Zivorad ‘Zika’ Mitrovic – Nevesinjska puska AKA Thundering Mountains (1963)

Based on real events – Herzegovina Uprising of 1875–77 against the Ottoman Empire.

More info here Read More »