Edgar Neville

  • Edgar Neville – La vida en un hilo (1945)

    Edgar Neville1941-1950ComedyDramaSpain
    La vida en un hilo (1945)
    La vida en un hilo (1945)

    One of the better films of Edgar Neville, and one that should be more well-known, “La vida en un hilo” tells the now classic story of a woman that, in a certain time of her life, takes a decision that defines the rest of her fate completely, and at the same time we see the what-ifs of the other decision. What makes this movie different from Sliding Doors is that the what-if is told by a fortune-teller that our main star meets in a train.Read More »

  • Edgar Neville – El crimen de la calle de Bordadores (1946)

    Edgar Neville1941-1950CrimeMysterySpain
    El crimen de la calle de Bordadores (1946)
    El crimen de la calle de Bordadores (1946)

    On a dark night, the body of a well-known society woman is found; the investigators immediately suspect that the killer was the woman’s maid. For her part, the maid demands that the woman’s fiancé be brought in for questioning. Some journalists covering the story decide to follow up on the maid’s suggestion and gradually piece together the chain of events that led to the murder.

    Suave and good-looking, the fiancé was taking advantage of the dead woman, his attentions more focused on a much tougher young lady. Yet just as the narrative of the crime starts to come together, sudden revelations challenge all the information already discovered by the journalists. As someone renowned for his own storytelling abilities, Edgar Neville used this philosophical thriller as way of meditating on how stories are created, as well as the complex relationship between a tale and its teller.Read More »

  • Edgar Neville – Domingo de carnaval AKA Carnival Sunday (1945)

    1941-1950CrimeDramaEdgar NevilleSpainSpanish cinema under Franco

    The same morning that carnival begins, a serene finds in Madrid the corpse of a rich and greedy lender who has been murdered. The main suspect is a seller of watches that owed much money ​​to the old woman, but her daughter, not content with the arrest of his father, begins to investigate on their own …Read More »

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