Édouard Molinaro

  • Édouard Molinaro – Beaumarchais l’insolent AKA Beaumarchais the Scoundrel (1996)

    Édouard Molinaro1991-2000AdventureFranceRomance
    Beaumarchais l'insolent (1996)
    Beaumarchais l’insolent (1996)

    Here is a lavish and charming film about a decade in the life of the multi-talented eighteenth century playwright and political activist. Under the guiding hand of director Edouard Molinaro, Fabrice Luchini gives a polished, witty, and mesmerizing performance as this French patron saint of freedom. Throughout his turbulent life, Pierre-Augustin Caron Beaumarchais swung back and forth between the pinnacles of success and the ignominy of imprisonment. His classic plays, The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro, were politically critical of the ruling class and corruption in high places. They both landed him in jail. But the resilient Beaumarchais found a new avenue for his creativity as a secret agent in England. There he got involved with an American who persuaded him to run arms for the American colonies. Beaumarchais, The Scoundrel is a convincing parable about the intoxicating enchantments and the spiritual firepower of freedom.Read More »

  • Édouard Molinaro – Le telephone rose AKA The Pink Telephone (1975)

    Édouard Molinaro1971-1980ComedyDramaFrance
    Le telephone rose (1975)
    Le telephone rose (1975)

    A satire about the French small businessman: A naive, middle-aged and paternal managing director (Mondy), subject to takeover by a wily American conglomerate, becomes besotted with Darc, supposedly the PR man’s niece but actually a callgirl hired as an inducement for the night.Read More »

  • Édouard Molinaro – Peau d’espion (1967) (HD)

    1961-1970Édouard MolinaroFranceThriller

    Synopsis :
    Charles Beaulieu, who served as an Army officer during the Algerian War, has become a novelist. Unfortunately for a playboy who lives in a big way like him, his books sell poorly. His need for money makes him accept an offer by Major Rhome, his former superior in Algeria, now one of the heads of the French counter-espionage agency. Charles’ mission will consist in preventing the defection of laser specialist Henri Banck’s defection to Red China…
    —Guy BellingerRead More »

  • Édouard Molinaro – Quand passent les faisans AKA When the Pheasants Pass (1965)

    1961-1970ComedyCrimeÉdouard MolinaroFrance

    Arsène Baudu and Hyacinthe, a pair of small-time crooks, fall prey to Alexandre Larsan-Bellac, who involves them (against their will) in high profile swindling. But their success is quite limited. For starters they are deceived by Mrs. Paterson, a charming widow. Later on, Ribeiro, a Portuguese contractor and former victim of the two crooks, traces them and forces them to work on one of his building sites as damages. Just then, Larsan-Bellac resurfaces with plans to lure Ribeiro once again…Read More »

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