Edouard Niermans

  • Edouard Niermans – Le retour de Casanova (1992)

    1991-2000ComedyDramaEdouard NiermansFrance

    Synopsis (possible spoilers):
    “Well into middle-age, Casanova finds himself wandering purposelessly in the South of France, accompanied by his ever-loyal valet Camille. Weary and almost penniless, the legendary seducer yearns to return to his native Venice, but cannot do so until he receives written permission from the authorities. One day, he meets Olivo, an old friend who invites him to stay in his country house. Casanova gladly accepts and learns that Olivo’s wife, Amelie, is one of his former conquests. Whilst Amelie tries in vain to rekindle his erstwhile passion for her, Casanova’s attentions are fixed on Marcolina, his host’s beautiful niece. To Casanova’s horror and incredulity, Marcolina, a woman of rare intelligence and sophistication, fails to find him the least bit attractive. It seems her heart is already given – to a dashing young military man named Lorenzi…”
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