Eduardo Coutinho

  • Eduardo Coutinho – O Fim e o Princípio AKA The End and the Beginning (2006)

    2001-2010BrazilDocumentaryEduardo Coutinho

    A film starting from naught. With no prior research, no characters, no sites, nor specific themes, a film team arrive to the hinterland of Paraíba state in northeastern Brazil in search of people with stories to tell. In the village of São João do Rio do Peixe they come to Sítio Araçás, a rural community of 86 families, mostly relatives. With a girl from Araçás as mediator, the residents, in their majority, elderly, tell their life story, marked by popular catholicism, by a hierarchy, by a sense of family and honor – in a world fast disappearing.Read More »

  • Eduardo Coutinho – Moscou (2009)

    Eduardo Coutinho2001-2010BrazilDocumentary

    Plot: In Moscou, Eduardo Coutinho accompanies Grupo Galpão, directed by Enrique Diaz, in the rehearsals of the play “The Three Sisters”, from Chekhov. The film consists in fragments of workshops, improvisations and rehearsals of the play.Read More »

  • Eduardo Coutinho – Cabra Marcado Para Morrer AKA Twenty Years Later (1984)

    Documentary1981-1990BrazilEduardo CoutinhoPolitics

    In 1962, in the country city of Sapé, Paraíba, the peasant leader João Pedro Teixeira is executed by those affected by his attempt of organizing the explored men of the field. In 1964, the CPC of UNE (a group of the students) and the Movimento de Cultura Popular de Pernambuco decide to make a movie about the life and death of João Pedro. On 26 February 1964, begins the shootings in Engenho Galiléa, Pernambuco, with the wife of João Pedro, Elizabeth Teixeira, performing the role of herself. Thirty-five days later, on April 1st 1964 – the day of the military coup-d’état and beginning of the military dictatorship, the location is invaded by the Brazilian Army, searching for subversives and Cubans and arresting the local leaders and crew-members. Seventeen years later, director Eduardo Coutinho returns to the location, and interview the survivors, looking for the members of Teixeira’s family, shattered by the former regime.
    Claudio Carvalho on IMDBRead More »

  • Eduardo Coutinho – Cabra Marcado Para Morrer AKA Twenty Years Later (1984)

    1981-1990BrazilDocumentaryEduardo CoutinhoPolitics

    Features two short documentaries Eduardo Coutinho recorded in 2013 with characters from the 1984 film.

    50 years after the film fictional interrupted by the military coup in March 1964, and 30 years after the conclusion of the documentary, in March 1984, a meet with Elizabeth Teixeira and his sons and the peasants of Galilee.Read More »

  • Eduardo Coutinho – Peões AKA Metalworkers (2004)

    2001-2010BrazilDocumentaryEduardo CoutinhoPolitics

    Interviews with workers who took part in the 1979/1980 strikes in the metallurgic region called ABC, in the State of São Paulo, led by the man who was to become President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, but, unlike their leader, have remained anonymous along the way. They talk about their origins, the movement, and their lives.Read More »

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