Eduardo Williams

  • Eduardo Williams – Que je tombe tout le temps? AKA That I’m Falling (2013)

    Searching for a seed, a young man emerges from the underground where he hangs out with his friends. They all embark on a long digestive trip.Read More »

  • Eduardo Williams – El ruido de las estrellas me aturde (2012)

    As a boy looks for a cybercafé he is overwhelmed by wild waves. A group of boys lives together surrounded by lots of things, they work, walk, talk in very different places, but we are never quite sure where they are. An ant walks across hairs wishing that there were no more idols.Read More »

  • Mariano Blatt & Eduardo Williams – Parsi (2019)

    “No es” (It isn’t) is a cumulative poem by Mariano Blatt, which is constantly written over the course of a lifetime. The text of the poem, a list of “what seems to be but isn’t”, to which verses are added over days, months, and years, can cover anything: images, people, memories, landscapes, phrases, ideas. With this list ringing in its head, Eduardo Williams’s film Parsi finds itself in a perpetual movement through spaces and around people. We are taken on a breathless ride through bustling neighborhoods, from person to person, thrown, dipped under water, rushed from image to image, creating in the process yet another poem which is caressed by, crashes into, and spins next to “No es”.Read More »

  • Eduardo Williams – El auge del humano AKA The Human Surge (2016)


    An ingeniously shape-shifting debut from director Eduardo Williams, The Human Surge looks at today’s idle youth in an age of exploitative labour practices and illusory hyper-connection, observing the millennials, we journey through 3-countries, mostly young men in disparate parts of the world who are bored by (or released from) their jobs, experimenting with technology and seeking fulfillment elsewhere.

    Buenos Aires. Young Exe, has just lost his job and is not looking for another one. His neighbors and friends seem as odd to him as they always do. Online, he meets Alf, a boy from Mozambique. He joins the world webcam community in supply of live on demand group sex performances for the western gay male clients. Alf who is also bored with his job and who is about to follow Archie, another boy who has run away into the jungle. Through the dense vegetation of the forest, Archie tracks ants back to their nest. One of them wanders off course and comes across Canh, a Filipino, sitting on top of a giant who is about to go back to his strange, beautiful home town.Read More »

  • Eduardo Williams – El auge del humano AKA The Human Surge (2016) (HD)


    A 3-country observation of the millenials in Argentina, Mozambique, and the Philippines.Read More »

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