Edward Blackoff

  • Edward Blackoff – Incest: A Family Tragedy [Extras] (2007)

    2001-2010DocumentaryEdward BlackoffUSA


    Incest: A Family Tragedy
    The interview with the director, Edward Blackoff.

    HISTORY: Director’s Narrative:
    Barraged with a daily onslaught of media alarm over a growing army of child sexual molesters who were raping, kidnapping, and murdering children, I decided to do something to help prevent these attacks on our kids. I began with the premise that if I could find several pedophiles who would agree to be interviewed on camera and show their faces, these same molesters could be the key to teach parents how to better protect their children from these same predators.

    I ran into dead end after dead end in my search to find “hero” rapists but what I began to learn was that my premise insofar as child molestation was quantitatively misguided.
    The main origin of child abuse was not some stranger but was actually family members and trusted family friends.Read More »

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