Egon Günther

  • Egon Günther – Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (1976)

    Rebellious young Werther is passionately, but hopelessly, in love with Lotte. Although he knows that she is married to somebody who can offer her a secure future, Werther tries to be near her. Lotte cannot decide between these two men. She eventually rejects Werther, who does not survive her decision. Based on the novel by Goethe. Director Egon Günther and set designer Helga Schütz make cameo appearances.
    —DEFA Film LibraryRead More »

  • Egon Günther – Wenn du groß bist, lieber Adam AKA When You’re Older, Dear Adam (1990)

    Adam receives a flashlight with special powers: every liar it shines on flies into the air. Production was cancelled in 1965 due to the film’s political content. Only in 1989/90 could the director reconstruct the film, where missing sounds and images are replaced with script inserts.Read More »

  • Egon Günther – Ursula (1978)

    The soldier Hansli Gyr returns 1523 to the “Zürcher Oberland”. The he reencounters the love of his youth Ursula, who is now part of a world renouncing sect, the Anabaptists…

    Das TV-Historiendrama nach Gottfried Kellers Novelle galt 1978 als SkandalfilmRead More »

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