Eliseo Subiela

  • Eliseo Subiela – Despabílate amor aka Wake Up Love (1996)

    1991-2000ArgentinaDramaEliseo SubielaRomance

    from imdb:
    Ernesto is a journalist in his 40’s who comes from a generation which encountered much political persecution and exile; between the memories and unhealed wounds of his past, stands Ernesto. When his good friend Ricardo calls him one day and proposes to get together after 25 years, they decide to gather all the members of the “old gang” in order to revive those old feelings the best way they know how, through some good old rock n’ roll. Amongst one of Ernesto’s encounters is Ana, an old love who will bring a twisting unexpected turn into his life. The old gang is comprised of Ricardo’s depressive, hypochondriac wife Ana and her socially-conscious former lover Ernesto, a journalist who left Ana years ago to pursue his political ideologies in post-revolutionary Cuba.Read More »

  • Eliseo Subiela – No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas aka Don’t Die Without Telling Me Where You’re Going (1995)

    Eliseo Subiela1991-2000ArgentinaArthouseFantasyFilm Blanc

    This movie is a declaration of love to cinema that is used as a metaphor for the universe itself. We are the films and God is projecting them, including this one with Rachel and Leopoldo, who in a former life literally co-invented cinema as an assistant of Thomas A. Edison named William K.L. Dickson.Read More »

  • Eliseo Subiela – Últimas imágenes del naufragio aka Last Images of the Shipwreck (1989)

    1981-1990ArgentinaArthouseDramaEliseo Subiela

    Roberto is an insurance salesman who dreams of writing his own novel. When he meets Estela, a young woman about to commit suicide, it serves him as material to make this work.Read More »

  • Eliseo Subiela – No mires para abajo AKA Don’t Look Down (2008)

    2001-2010ArgentinaDramaEliseo SubielaRomance

    After claiming to be visited by his dead father’s ghost, a young man with sleepwalking problems (Hugo Arana) enters into a sexual relationship with the neighborhood hottie (Anotella Costa), a spiritual-mystical type who’s all too willing to be his guide through the Kama Sutra, as well as to teach him how to hold in his wad past 81 thrusts. Eventually, Arana discovers he can materialize in far-off lands when he bones — as though sex were the spice from Dune. (Sample post-coital line: “Venice is incredible!”) This, mind you, is basically played for giggles, with writer-director Eliseo Subiela maintaining a gentle dreamy-absurdist tone that feels like Buñuel minus the anticlericalism (if that makes any sense). Cheerfully inscrutable, with a deftly sustained, calmly deranged performance from Costa, it unfortunately can’t figure out an ending and so just stops. There’s a sexual metaphor for that condition, right?Read More »

  • Eliseo Subiela – Rehén de ilusiones AKA Hostage of an Illusion (2012)

    2011-2020ArgentinaCrimeDramaEliseo Subiela

    Pablo is a 60 years old writer. He meets by chance an ex pupil, Laura. Now, she is an attractive 35 years old woman. She was very much in love with him, when he was her professor at college. Now, she bursts into his life, as a passionate lover. He rediscovers his sexuality and the illusion of being young once more. But Laura seems to suffer a psychotic brake. She feels chased by the porter and militarism from the neighboring barracks. Laura is put in an asylum, but from time to time, Laura will appear and disappear, becoming someone ethereal, like a picture from an unrecoverable youth.Read More »

  • Eliseo Subiela – Pequeños milagros AKA Little Miracles (1997)

    1991-2000ArgentinaArthouseDramaEliseo Subiela

    Rosalía is a cashier at a supermarket. She lives alone, loves reading fairy tales and hides in a magic fantasy world in order to survive living in the real one. She thinks she is a fairy who came on a mission and got caught in this world. She travels by bus every day. At the bus-stop, there is a “web camera” which records images and puts them into the Internet. Santiago is a scientist who works in an international research project to detect signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. He is a lonely man who lives with his dog and his computer. Rosalía finds she has some extra-sensory powers and thinks three young women she knows are fairies. They will remarkably influence her life. She also feels the need to meet her father, whom she has not seen since she was 8.Read More »

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