Elwood Perez

  • Elwood Perez – Silip (1985)

    Elwood Perez1981-1990CultDramaPhilippines
    Silip (1985)

    Silip (1985)

    Bloodshed and bouncing bosoms abound in this wretchedly violent and nearly pornographic horror film from the Phillipines. The story is set within a tiny village located near an idyllic nude beach where beautiful young women play. Poor local boy Joseph is terribly aroused and becomes obsessed with having his teacher, a virgin. This does not set well with Joseph’s lover, an older widow. Joseph meets his end after he is blamed for butchering a classmate. Joseph’s teacher and one of her friends are in turn blamed for cutting off the lad’s head and burned alive.Read More »

  • Elwood Perez – Silip aka Daughters of Eve (1985)

    1981-1990CultElwood PerezEroticaPhilippines


    A wild, shocking and controversial title from the Philippines, guaranteed to have your jaw dropping.
    In the tradition of Japanese “Pink” cinema comes this shocking, violent and sex filled movie that caused an outrage when it was screened at the Chicago Film Festival. The film stars former Miss Philippines, the stunning Maria Isabel Lopez, in her most revealing role ever. It‘s an eye-opening example of raw and savage filmmaking from one of its country’s most innovative directors. Set in the beautiful and remote countryside of Ilongo, the story tells of three young women and their struggle to come to terms with their own sexuality against a background of religious repression and male brutality.Read More »

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