Emily Hagins

  • Emily Hagins – Pathogen (2006)

    2001-2010Emily HaginsHorrorUSA


    A terrible (synthetically created) bacteria is accidentally released into the Austin community’s water supply, and the unsuspecting citizens ingest the bacteria. Which causes them to become zombies. It’s not a completely original idea, but Emily has some original ways of telling her zombie story…

    A lot of people at age twelve never finish anything they start, unless it’s at school and they have to do the work to get that all important letter grade. As far back at age 10, Austin, Texas native Emily Hagins put together a script about a toxin that gets into the water and starts to turn everyone into zombies. And not only did she write it, she also went out and made it at the age of twelve. The film then premiered to a sold out crowd at the Alamo Drafthouse. Meet Emily Hagins, a new face in the world of filmmaking.Read More »

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