Emin Alper

  • Emin Alper – Kurak Günler AKA Burning Days (2022) (HD)

    2021-2030DramaEmin AlperThrillerTurkey

    Emre, a young prosecutor newly appointed to the small town of Yaniklar, finds himself being pulled into a political conflict during his first murder investigation.Read More »

  • Emin Alper – Kiz Kardesler AKA A Tale of Three Sisters (2019)

    Drama2011-2020Emin AlperTurkey

    The three sisters Reyhan (20), Nurhan (16) and Havva (13) all live with their father in a remote village in central Anatolia. One after the other they were sent away to town to work as housemaids, but each of them has now returned. The last of the sisters to do so is Nurhan. She beat the local doctor’s son because he wet his bed every night. When Reyhan returned home pregnant, her father hastily married her off to the shepherd, Veysel. One day, the inebriated Veysel rises up against the village elder; his actions have dramatic consequences. Even if the dream of a better future does not come true for any of these young women and they always seem to be getting into arguments with each other, they nonetheless steadfastly stick together. While they wait for the snow-covered roads to become passable again, father and daughters pass the time with stories.Read More »

  • Emin Alper – Abluka AKA Frenzy (2015)

    2011-2020DramaEmin AlperTurkey


    SYNOPSIS/PLOT: Amid the intense political violence of Istanbul, Kadir is released on parole two years early on the condition that he become an informant for the police gathering terrorist informations, activities, and searching for bombs on trash cans.Read More »

  • Emin Alper – Tepenin Ardi aka Beyond the Hill (2012)

    2011-2020ArthouseDramaEmin AlperTurkey


    SYNOPSIS/PLOT: It’s a summer’s day and retired forester Faik is receiving visitors at his country home. His son Nusret has come to visit with Faik’s two grandsons Caner and Zafer. Despite the summer setting however, the mood remains oddly muted. Faik is having problems with the local nomads and is constantly on his guard. This small group is completed by the family of Mehmet and Meryem and brings together different temperaments and social classes. But conflicts are avoided: it’s all someone else’s fault, that of the nomads, who remain an invisible foe.Read More »

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