• Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger – A Canterbury Tale (1944)

    Michael Powell1941-1950ClassicsEmeric PressburgerEpicUnited Kingdom
    A Canterbury Tale (1944)
    A Canterbury Tale (1944)

    Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s beloved classic A Canterbury Tale is a profoundly personal journey to Powell’s bucolic birthplace of Kent, England.

    Set amidst the tumult of the Second World War yet with a rhythm as delicate as a lullaby, the film follows three modern-day incarnations of Chaucer’s pilgrims a melancholy “landgirl,” a plainspoken American GI, and a resourceful British sergeant – who are waylaid in the English countryside en route to the mythical town and forced to solve a bizarre village crime.

    Building to a majestic climax that ranks as one of the filmmaking duo’s finest achievements, the dazzling A Canterbury Tale has acquired a following passionate enough to qualify as pilgrims themselves.Read More »

  • Michel Brault & Pierre Perrault – Pour la suite du monde aka For Those Who Will Follow (1963)

    Michel Brault1961-1970CanadaDocumentaryEpicPierre Perrault
    24 avril 2008
    24 avril 2008

    Pour la suite du monde, or “when cinema recreates life, old gesture and future…”

    Film Reference Library wrote:
    For centuries the inhabitants of Île-aux-Coudres, a small island in the St. Lawrence River, trapped beluga whales by sinking a weir of saplings into the offshore mud at low tide. After 1920 the practice was abandoned.

    In 1962, Michel Brault and Pierre Perrault, and a team of filmmakers from the NFB, arrived on the island to document life on Île-aux-Coudres and the resumption of the traditional whale trapping practice.Read More »

  • Mohammad Reza Aslani – Atash-e Sabz AKA The Green Fire (2008)

    Mohammad Reza Aslani2001-2010DramaEpicIran
    Atash e Sabz (2008)
    Atash e Sabz (2008)

    Based on an ancient story Sang-e Sabor it’s the story of a girl Nardaneh who one day hears a voice telling her that soon she will marry with a dead man. One day she enters a castle and in one of it’s room finds a dead body with a book beside it. She begins to read the book and follows the instructions step by step.Read More »

  • Rachid Bouchareb – Little Senegal (2001)

    2001-2010DramaEpicFranceRachid Bouchareb
    Little Senegal (2001)
    Little Senegal (2001)

    An aging museum curator named Alloune (Sotigui Kouyaté) conducts walking tours of a historical internment and transfer port in Goree Island used during the slave trade, a vocation that often makes him a first-hand witness to the tourists’ emotionally wrenching experience. Haunted by recurring dreams of his ancestors, he becomes convinced that at the root of his unsettled conscience is their invocation for him to reconnect with the descendants of his tribal elders who were once taken from the village and sold into slavery in South Carolina. Embarking on a transcontinental journey that traces the route of a family sold into the slave trade from Senegal through a network of South Carolina plantations and eventually to their emancipation, Alloune’s research brings him to Harlem and the shared apartment of his newly immigrated nephew, Hassan (Karim Traoré) and his roommate Karim (Roschdy Zem) in search of a tribal relative named Ida Robinson (Sharon Hope), the determined and fiercely independent owner of a newspaper and sundry store. Read More »

  • Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck – Werk ohne Autor AKA Never Look Away (2018)

    Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck2011-2020DramaEpicGermany
    Werk ohne Autor (2018)
    Werk ohne Autor (2018)

    German artist Kurt Barnert has escaped East Germany and now lives in West Germany, but is tormented by his childhood under the Nazis and the GDR-regime.Read More »

  • Herbert Wilcox – Nell Gwynne (1926)

    Herbert Wilcox1921-1930EpicSilentUSA
    Nell Gwynne (1926)
    Nell Gwynne (1926)

    An actress becomes the king’s mistress and persuades him to convert the palace to a servicemen’s home.Read More »

  • Peter Brook – The Mahabharata (1989)

    1981-1990BelgiumEpicPeter BrookTV

    In ancient India the five Pandava brothers, Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva, are cousins of the sons of king Dhritharashtra, known as the Kaurava. The five are the sons of the wives of king Pandu, who seceded in favor of his blind brother after he was cursed. The men are raised together, but from the beginning there are difficulties. They are prone to fight and when Arjuna becomes a great archer, the Kaurava are both jealous and afraid. Is it the kingdom the Pandava are after? Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandava, strives after it as he is told by the deity Krishna that he will become king. The hatred and jealousy of the Kaurava grows even stronger when the Pandava turn a barren wasteland Dhritharashtra gave them into a great court. This can’t go on forever. Inevitably a war will follow, a war that will shake the foundations of the Earth.Read More »

  • Lucas Demare – La guerra gaucha AKA The Gaucho War (1942)

    1941-1950EpicLucas DemareSpainWar

    In the Salta Province in 1817 during the War of Independence, the irregular forces commanded by General Martín Güemes carry out a guerrilla action against the Spanish army. The commander of a Spanish army contingent, Lieutenant Villarreal, is wounded, captured by the guerrillas, and put under the medical care of Asunción, the mistress of an estancia. She finds out from his idenfication paper that the Lieutenant, though serving in the Spanish army, was born in Lima. She persuades him of the justice of liberating America from Spain. The patriot forces receive help from the sacristan of a chapel located next to the grounds of the royalist troops. The sacristan fakes loyalty to the king, but during the battles he sends messages to the gaucho guerrillas hiding in the mountains by means of a messenger boy and by ringing of the bell.Read More »

  • Piero Pierotti & Hugo Fregonese – Marco Polo (1961)

    Hugo Fregonese1961-1970AdventureEpicPiero PierottiUSA

    The mightiest adventurer of them all! In this sumptuous sword-and-sandal feast, Rory Calhoun (Apache Territory, The Colossus of Rhodes) stars as Marco Polo, the legendary 13th-century explorer who journeys to China with the aim of expanding world trade. There he meets Princess Amuroy, amorously played by Yôko Tani (The Savage Innocents, Samson and the 7 Miracles of the World), and an old hermit who has just invented gunpowder. With this explosive new “magic,” Marco builds a special cannon and spearheads a rebellion against an evil warlord. Directed by Piero Pierotti (Hercules and the Masked Rider) with additional scenes by Hugo Fregonese (The Death Ray of Dr. Mabuse), it’s an epic, action-packed peplum adventure in sweeping CinemaScope and eye-popping Technicolor.Read More »

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