Eric Rochant

Eric Rochant – Total western (2000)

Plot Outline: After a drug deal gone wrong, Bédé goes into hiding in the countryside at a reformative school for criminal youth. His location is found out, and he and the pupils have to protect themselves with whatever means they have. Read More »

Eric Rochant – Comme les doigts de la main (1984)

Narrator falls in love with a beautiful girl. Unfortunately she isn’t alone: five guys follow her every time no matter where she goes – to work, in park or in bed. Read More »

Eric Rochant – French Lovers (1985)


A woman is waiting for the bus. A man in a car offers her a lift but she rejects till he points that it is Sunday and the bus is not running on Sundays. In their short travel together through the streets of a deserted Paris the man tries to seduce the woman without apparent success.
– Written by Miguel
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Eric Rochant – Un monde sans pitié aka Love Without Pity (1989)



The French Love Without Pity strikes different people different ways. To some, it’s the last word in profundity; to others, it’s a subtitled yawnfest. We suggest that you judge for yourself this story of low-down louse Hippolyte Girardot, who regards the women in his life as little more that doormats upon which to wipe his feet. It’s “just deserts” time when Girardot falls head over heels for Mireille Perrier, who proceeds to treat him like dirt. Read More »