Eriprando Visconti

Eriprando Visconti – Una storia milanese AKA A Milanese Story (1962)

Giampiero is a young and rich middle-class boy, who carries all the limits and weaknesses of his environment. He is smart and dynamic, but he is unable to have an active and demanding attitude towards life. Valeria comes from a less sophisticated environment, but she is indecisive and confused as well: she would like to have a job, but she knows she can give up only in exchange for a good marriage. Their love story develops in the winter season, in a Milan that feels imprisoned by the myths of the financial miracle. Their relationship ends almost tragically: the girl gives up on Giampiero and leaves him to go have an abortion in Switzerland. Read More »

Eriprando Visconti – Una spirale di nebbia AKA A Spiral of Mist (1977)

The lovely Maria Teresa is unhappily married with the impotent lawyer Marcello. Maria Teresa’s marriage is contrasted by the passionate Valeria, who is killed during a chase. Is Valeria’s husband the murderer? Maria Teresa helps him… Read More »

Eriprando Visconti – Strogoff (1970)


A captain in the Czar’s army encounters danger and romance while carrying a secret message across 19th-century Russia. Read More »

Eriprando Visconti – La Orca (1976)


IMDb review:

Kidnapping movies were really big in the 1970’s, especially after several high-profile cases like Patty Hearst. The Italian exploitation industry is notorious for taking its cues from the US movies, but that may not have been the case here since there was even a bigger kidnapping problem in Italy (eventually leading to the kidnap and murder of a former prime minister by the notorious Red Brigades). The kidnappers in this movie though are pretty low-rent types, barely connected to the Mafia. Their victim is a very spoiled, but perhaps not especially rich, teenage girl (Rena Neihaus) whose parents seem unable–or perhaps unwilling–to get her back (she hints at an incestuous relationship with her stepfather which might have been explored in the sequel to this “Oedipus Orca”). In this movie the youngest, most handsome kidnapper (Michele Placido) falls for the girl in kind of a reverse Stockholm syndrome, with tragic results for at least one of them. The end of movie, strangely enough, is kind of reminiscent of “Last Tango in Paris” but with nowhere near the dramatic gravitas Read More »