Erwin C. Dietrich

  • Erwin C. Dietrich – Julchen und Jettchen, die verliebten Apothekerstöchter AKA The Amorous Sisters (1982)

    Comedy about some schoolgirls being taught anatomy (of the sexual nature) by the sexually frustrated Barbara Moose. In bed at nighttime the girls practice their daily lessons on each other and on any unsuspecting visitors of the night. When they’re not in class they enjoy frolicking around outside (naked most of the time!) experiencing the joys of nature.Read More »

  • Erwin C. Dietrich – Die Nichten der Frau Oberst AKA Guess Who’s Coming for Breakfast (1968)

    Madame Yanne is still a very young widow of an officer. She takes care of her pretty nieces Florentine and Juliet, who are currently living out their lesbian obsessions and are currently more engaged with each other than turning their heads around the lusty male world. As a stallion, Farmhand Erik was only too happy to jump at the two nieces. Inspector Simon has long been keeping an eye on Florentine and not only wants to get her to bed, but even marry. Mrs. Colonel would like to test his qualities as a lover in the horizontal for her niece. Also for Julia Yannes, a painter, is the suitable husband in the field of vision but she would like to test once before, whether he could make her happy in the futureRead More »

  • Erwin C. Dietrich – She Devils of the SS (1973)


    In the last days of WW2, women are volunteering from all over Germany to serve in the front lines by having sex with the brave Nazi soldiers. But when they start having sex with each other, things get complicated. Especially with the increasing danger from the revengeful Soviet army!Read More »

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