• Elmo Nüganen – Apteeker Melchior AKA Melchior the Apothecary (2022)

    2021-2030CrimeElmo NüganenEstoniaThriller

    In medieval Tallinn, the famous knight of the Order who freed the Baltic Sea from pirates is murdered. The hero’s head is chopped off and his mouth is stuffed with coins. The gold chain he bought the same day is missing. The Sheriff orders Melchior the Apothecary, who can talk to the dead, to investigate the crime. The clever young man discovers that the murdered knight was looking for a mysterious “Prisoner of Tallinn” and clues lead to the Dominican monastery. A terrible series of crimes is unleashed – anyone who comes into contact with this secret is in danger.Read More »

  • Terje Toomistu – Nõukogude hipid AKA Soviet Hippies (2017)

    2011-2020DocumentaryEstoniaTerje Toomistu

    The hippie movement that captivated hundreds of thousands of young people in the West had a profound impact on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Within the Soviet system, a colorful crowd of artists, musicians, freaks, vagabonds and other long-haired drop-outs created their own system, which connected those who believed in peace, love, and freedom for their bodies and souls.Read More »

  • Sergei Kibus & Pärtel Tall – Teofrastus (2018)

    2011-2020AnimationEstoniaPärtel TallSergei KibusShort Film

    A stray cat Teofrastus finds loving owners. Finally he has his very own territory in their country-house and he is happy and secure. But this happiness won’t last! When the fall comes, the new owners move to town, together with Teofrastus. On one gray day when Teofrastus is watching birds on the balcony of an apartment house, he just accidentally jumps down and gets lost among the very same-looking houses in a new block of the city. Will he find his owners and his own territory again? Or will the cold streets and indifferent looks from the strangers be his lot?Read More »

  • Ilkka Järvi-Laturi – Tallinn pimeduses aka Darkness in Tallinn aka City Unplugged (1993)

    Comedy1991-2000CrimeEstoniaIlkka Järvi-Laturi

    Set amidst the political and economic havoc caused by the dissolution of the Soviet Union, City Unplugged is based on a simple premise. During World War II, before the Soviet occupation, Estonia sent its national treasury, $900 million dollars in gold, to Paris for safe-keeping, and now they plan to bring it back. That is, if the Russian mob doesn’t have their way. Russian gangsters have hatched a plan to grab the cash during a city wide blackout of their own making. After cornering the market on candles and flashlights, the mob approaches Tovio, a young engineer at the city power plant, and forcefully recruit him into their scheme. Read More »

  • Marek Piestrak – Lza ksiecia ciemnosci AKA Tear of the Prince of Darkness (1993)

    Marek Piestrak1991-2000EstoniaHorrorMystery

    Tallinn, Estonia, days before the outbreak of World War II. A hotel detective and a Polish writer team up to find Tear of the Prince of Darkness, a legendary ring which can bring Satan’s rule over the world.Read More »

  • Elmo Nüganen – Nimed marmortahvlil AKA Names Engraved in Marble (2002)

    2001-2010DramaElmo NüganenEstoniaWar

    Based on an acclaimed 1935 novel about the War of Liberation (1918-1920) that ensured Estonia’s independence, the film tells about a group of young schoolboys heading to the front to fight the army of Soviet Russia.Read More »

  • Vladimir Gajdarov – Wellen der Leidenschaft AKA The Waves of Passion (1930)

    1921-1930AdventureEstoniaSilentVladimir GajdarovWeimar Republic cinema

    The young Brazilian journalist Rex Ronney is gathering data for his book on Nordic alcohol smuggling and embarks on a boat trip to Estonia and Finland, where alcohol is prohibited. On the boat, he meets the booze king Kõlgis, whose confidence he wins. Kõlgis issues him a letter of recommendation and sends him to the smuggler Bratt in Tallinn, who is in the service of Mart Martens, who in turn is heavily indebted to Kõlgis. As a result, Betty Martens, his daughter, is compelled to get engaged with Kõlgis. In order to clear her father’s debts, Betty conducts the alcohol transports from Finland herself. When Rex Ronney shows up, it has consequences…Read More »

  • Mark Soosaar – Kihnu naine AKA Women from Kihnu (1974)

    Arthouse1971-1980DocumentaryEstoniaMark Soosaar

    Kihnu is one of Estonia’s islands, a small piece of land in the Gulf of Riga close to the town of Pärnu. Soosaar looks at the islanders from the point of view of an explorer, just like his filmmaking hero Robert Flaherty once did. Their traditional lifestyle unfolds in front of his camera: customary songs and rituals, and heartfelt images of people’s daily lives. The film takes an anthropological approach to filmmaking, characteristic of a style Soosaar would master in his later pictures.Read More »

  • Ilmar Raag – Klass AKA The Class (2007)

    2001-2010DramaEstoniaIlmar Raag

    Kaspar and the class pushover Joosep are 16 and life in high school isn’t easy. Without meaning to, Kaspar defends Joosep against the bullying of his classmates, but every time Kaspar tries to him, it backfires, with the class taking it out on Joosep. Kaspar just wants his friends, his girl and his unassuming life back. Joosep wants to regain his dignity and the chance to switch to a high school far away. But their classmates are relentless, going further and further with each incident.Read More »

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