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  • Ettore Scola – La nuit de Varennes (1982)

    Ettore Scola1981-1990DramaFrance
    La nuit de Varennes (1982)
    La nuit de Varennes (1982)

    NYT – Janet Maslin
    THE great historical pageant that is Ettore Scola’s ”La Nuit de Varennes” unfolds with supreme ease. It begins with a series of casual coincidences and weaves them brilliantly into a vision of one of the most important moments in French history, a vision not the least bit limited by the specifics of its place and time.

    The time is the French Revolution, and the occasion is the flight of the royal family from Paris to the small town of Varennes, where they will be captured and sent back to their deaths. But the feeling is utterly modern, or perhaps it’s timeless. The key issues of the film are the issues of any era. And the humor and generosity with which Mr. Scola presents them are correspondingly enduring.Read More »

  • Ettore Scola – La famiglia AKA The Family (1987)

    1981-1990DramaEttore ScolaItaly

    It is the portrait of a bourgeois Italian family seen through the eyes of Carlo, an old retired professor who is the last patriarch of his family. The memoirs of Carlo characterizes the entire film, from the time of the Belle Epoque until the eighties, through two world wars, the economic boom, love, friendship and all the events which constitute human life.Read More »

  • Ettore Scola – Che ora è? aka What Time is it? (1989)

    Ettore Scola1981-1990ComedyDramaItaly

    Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) has worked hard all his life to achieve a certain standing and success as a lawyer in Rome. He is pleased to be able to offer the fruits of his success to his son Michele (Massimo Troisi), and is perplexed and distressed that his unambitious son has no interest in any of these things. Michele is serving a term in the Italian military in the port town of Civitavecchia, and Marcello is visiting him there. Here he meets Michele’s salty girlfriend Loredana (Anne Parillaud). The father and son share some meals and explore their differences.Read More »

  • Mario Monicelli & Dino Risi & Ettore Scola – I nuovi mostri [115min cut] (1977)

    1971-1980Dino RisiEttore ScolaItalyMario Monicelli

    20 years after the monumental “I mostri” which was a great example of Italian sketch comedy, 3 of the greatest Italian directors ever (Risi, Monicelli, Scola), the best Italian writers ever (Age, Scarpelli), the best Italian actors ever (Tognazzi, Gassmann, Sordi) and one of the most beautiful woman in the world (Ornella Muti) participate to this great tribute. The last sketch (a funeral) is symbolic : the death of the Italian comedy, which made Italy the second country in the world for cinematographic productions during 50’s and 60’s.Read More »

  • Ettore Scola – Le bal (1983)

    1981-1990CultEttore ScolaItalyMusical

    A unique look at the history of 20th century France as illustrated in popular culture, Le Bal is set in a Parisian dance hall and features no narrative, no dialogue, and no continuous characters. The film moves from one dance number to the next, as the music reflects the political and cultural tenor of the times, from the Popular Front of 1936 to the German Occupation of World War II, on to the breezy openness of the post-war era and the open rebellion and turmoil of May 1968, and finally closing in the early 1980s. A troupe of dancers portrays all the film’s characters, with make-up and costume changes (as well as appropriate period music) indicating the different time periods. Directed by Ettore Scola, Le Bal was based on a stage production that was a great success in Europe.
    — Mark DemingRead More »

  • Ettore Scola – Gente di Roma AKA People of Rome (2003)

    2001-2010ComedyEttore ScolaItaly

    The camera follows citizens of Rome in mockumentary style.

    Wikipedia wrote:
    This film is recognized as of national cultural interest by the General Directorate for Cinema of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, on the basis of the ministerial resolution of 4 February 2003.Read More »

  • Ettore Scola – Romanzo di un giovane povero (1995)

    1991-2000DramaEttore ScolaItaly

    Two neighbors, young Vincenzo and old Mr. Bartoloni, are utterly unhappy. On the one hand Vincenzo must lead a miserable and frustrating life as he cannot find any regular job, despite his Arts degree. On the other hand, Mr. Bartoloni is fed up with his despotic wife: the woman who used to be a beautiful artist is now a fat and shabby drunkard. The two men meet on a particularly sad night and, during an outburst Mr. Bartoloni asks Vincenzo to help him to get rid of his wife by simulating an accident with the promise of a considerable amount of money. Read More »

  • Ettore Scola – Passione d amore aka Passion Of Love (1981)

    1981-1990DramaEttore ScolaItalyRomance

    Ettore Scola’s dark, romantic tale of a woman so stubborn and passionate that nothing can dissuade her from pursuing the object of her affections.

    When Captain Bachetti arrives at his new post in Northern Italy, he already resents the reassignment, which has separated him from his mistress, the exquisite Clara. And the situation becomes even more disturbing when this man with a taste for beautiful women finds himself subjected to the persistent attentions of the spectacularly ugly Fosca; everything about this brash, loud, impolite and unattractive creature fills him with horror.
    But the Captain has never before encountered the transformative power of love.Read More »

  • Ettore Scola – C’eravamo tanto amati AKA We All Loved Each Other So Much (1974)

    1971-1980ClassicsComedyEttore ScolaItaly


    C’eravamo tanto amati, a tribute to Vittorio De Sica, is not only about the difficult, frustrating post-World War II years of three men whose class differences overwhelm the close bond they formed while fighting for the Resistance. It is also a complex survey of thirty years of Italian cinema and its relationship to Italian history, photographed in various appropriate cinematic styles.
    Read More »

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