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  • Eugene Forde – Buy Me That Town (1941)

    Eugene Forde1941-1950ClassicsComedyUSA
    Buy Me That Town (1941)
    Buy Me That Town (1941)

    A gangster and his mob buy a small-town in this warm comedy. They, tired of trying
    to make it as big city hoods, buy the town to use as a hideout. The leader of the
    gang begins to have a change of heart after he begins falling for a local girl. He
    decides to use the “protection money” his gang has been pocketing to benefit the
    townsfolk. This feels good to the tough and thug-like gangsters who begin embracing
    the ideals of good citizenship in favor of a life of crime.Read More »

  • Eugene Forde – Step Lively, Jeeves! [+Extras] (1937)

    Eugene Forde1931-1940ComedyUSA

    I like P. G. Wodehouse, but this film is not in the same category as A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. That film showed the Wodehouse’s characterizations and situations at their funniest. This one seems strained. But it’s cast is a nice one, and it has an interesting social historic note to it.

    Alan Dinehart and George Givot are planning to make Arthur Treacher (Jeeves) their guinea pig in a scam in which he is the heir to the supposed “millions” of pounds estate of the English sea hero Sir Francis Drake. Incredibly, in the 1920s and 1930s, thousands of foolish people in the U.S., the British Empire, and elsewhere, paid money to the head of a scam in which the people were told they were heirs to Drake’s fortune. It was not until just before World War II that the scam was finally cracked. It is curious that this 1937 film actually used such a current swindle in it’s plot, but they may have felt it would have increased the audience for an otherwise mediocre film.Read More »

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