Eugene Jarecki

  • Eugene Jarecki – The Trials of Henry Kissinger (2002)

    2001-2010DocumentaryEugene JareckiPoliticsUSA

    Is the American diplomat and Nobel Laureate Henry Kissinger a war criminal? This documentary is based on the book The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens. The script is by Alex Gibney.Read More »

  • Eugene Jarecki – The House I Live In (2012)

    2011-2020DocumentaryEugene JareckiUSA

    Aired on BBC4 January, 2013. Shortlisted for Best Documentary, 2013 Academy Awards; Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, 2012.

    As America remains embroiled in overseas conflict, a less visible war is taking place at home, costing countless lives, destroying families and inflicting untold damage on future generations of Americans. For over forty years, the War on Drugs has accounted for 45 million arrests, made America the world’s largest jailer and damaged poor communities at home and abroad. Yet for all that, drugs are more available today than ever before.Read More »

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