Euthana Mukdasanit

  • Euthana Mukdasanit – Thepthida Bar 21 (1978)

    Euthana Mukdasanit1971-1980DramaMusicalThailand
    Thepthida Bar 21 (1978)
    Thepthida Bar 21 (1978)

    After witnessing a murder committed by her boyfriend’s brother, a young woman must choose between the love and the law.Read More »

  • Euthana Mukdasanit – Peesua lae dokmai AKA Butterfly and Flowers (1986)

    Euthana Mukdasanit1981-1990DramaThailand

    Time Out Film Guide wrote:
    An exceptionally beautiful movie set among Thailand’s Muslim minority in villages near the Malaysian border, and centering on a bright teenage kid forced to drop out of school and support his family by turning small-time smuggler. Impossible to convey its qualities without falling back on turn-off words like ‘charm’ and ‘sensitivity’, but the fact is that it succeeds in evoking the trials, terrors and excitements of childhood with an immediacy that’s both sweet and tough. There’s an eye-opening blend of universal and local elements: trouble with punks at a rock concert, daredevil feats on the roof of a moving train. And it offers the joy of seeing a director in full control of his medium. (Tony Rayns)Read More »

  • Euthana Mukdasanit – Nam Pu AKA The Story of Nampoo AKA The Story of Nampu (1984)

    1981-1990DramaEuthana MukdasanitThailand

    It deals about a young man called Nam Pu who is entering the drug realm and his lapse until death. It is a real-life story of a teenage heroin addict, who is neglected by his middle-class parents. The former rocker turned screen star Ampol Lumpoon received Best Actor Awards for this movie. In 1984, Ampol Lumpoon snatched Best Actor award at The First Southeast Asian Film Festival for his role as a drug- addicted teenager. He eventually made his name known in 1984 with Nampoo, which broke the blockbuster record held by the classic Phlae Kao and made Bt17 million at the box office. It was to be his most successful movie. This movie was praised by critics, academics and intellectuals.Read More »

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