Fernando Di Leo

  • Fernando Di Leo – Brucia, ragazzo, brucia AKA Burn, Boy, Burn (1969)

    1961-1970DramaFernando Di LeoItaly

    The film starts with a dream sequence, wide-angled lens deformed characters, where the main actress, named Clara, is running away from male pleasure and taking refuge on a female companion and once again running away sensing in the female a reciprocal attraction.

    The themes of the movie are the emancipation of women and the female pleasure, the breakdown of the typical family and its hypocritical values, brought forward by the sexually liberated youths influenced by the sexual revolution initiated in the States.Read More »

  • Fernando Di Leo – La bestia uccide a sangue freddo AKA Slaughter Hotel AKA Cold Blooded Beast (1971)

    1971-1980EroticaFernando Di LeoGialloItaly

    A rehabilitation hospital in the Italian countryside, which offers treatment for women suffering from various psychological disorders, is stalked by a mysterious cloaked killer.Read More »

  • Fernando Di Leo – Il poliziotto è marcio AKA Shoot First, Die Later (1974)

    1971-1980CrimeFernando Di LeoItalyThriller

    Luc Merenda gives the performance of his career as a highly regarded police detective who is taking syndicate money in exchange for departmental favors. His father, a simple man, also works for the department but on a lower rung; he isn’t jealous of his son, but rather proud of him, little knowing that he’s a crooked cop. A series of events leads the young detective to ask his father for a favor (he wants a certain police report that is desired by the syndicate) and it doesn’t take long for the detective’s father to realize his son is on the take… which leads to numerous complications.Read More »

  • Fernando Di Leo – Il boss AKA Wipeout! AKA The Boss (1973)

    1971-1980CrimeFernando Di LeoItalyThriller

    A bomb attack in a cinema in Palermo kills all the fellows of Attardi’s clan a part from Cocchi. He immediately understands that the author of the bomb attack is Daniello from Don Corrasco’s clan. Cocchi is determined to revenge. His actions, including the Corrasco’s daughter kidnap, in a Palermo in which also the police is corrupted, will soon destroy the old equilibrium giving the way to an escalation of violence that won’t save anyone. If Cocchi will survive to the mafia war he will be the new boss for sure.Read More »

  • Fernando Di Leo – Avere Vent’anni aka To Be Twenty (1978)

    1971-1980CrimeExploitationFernando Di LeoItaly


    Avere vent’anni (To Be Twenty) – (the title refers to the famous phrase at the beginning of Paul Nizan’s book, Aden Arabia: I was twenty years old. I will never allow anyone to say that these are the best years of my life.), was shot by Fernando di Leo in 1978. He also wrote the script which dates back to some years earlier and came from the desire to portray new female characters who had established a revolutionary psychology, and attitudes in society after 1968.

    The intermediaries for this story are two young travelers, Tina and Lia – played by Lilli Carati and Gloria Guida, both very popular actresses at that time, who leave the Italian provinces and go to Rome to join a “community” and are under the illusion of being able to live in complete freedom, especially sexual freedom, without restraints or limits.
    Read More »

  • Fernando Di Leo – Vacanze Per un Massacro aka Madness (1980)

    1971-1980ActionExploitationFernando Di LeoItaly

    The film was based on a subject by Mario Gariazzo, a director who in the seventies, gravitated into the orbit of Daunia and to whom Fernando di Leo “lent a hand” by offering advice for his script – for his detective film, The Bloody Hands of the Law – and for the production of his western, Holy Water Joe and the tear-jerker, The Balloon Vendor, a story vaguely inspired by William Wyler’s famous film, The Desperate Hours. At the start it was Gariazzo who was to direct it but at the producers’ insistence he was finally replaced by di Leo.Read More »

  • Fernando Di Leo – La Mala ordina AKA Manhunt (1972)

    1971-1980ActionFernando Di LeoItaly


    When a shipment of heroin disappears between Italy and New York, a small-time pimp in Milan is framed for the theft. Two professional hitmen are dispatched from New York to find him, but the real thieves want to get rid of him before the New York killers get to him to eliminate any chance of them finding out he’s the wrong man. When the pimp’s wife and daughter are murdered in the course of the “manhunt”, he swears revenge on everyone who had anything to do with it.Read More »

  • Fernando Di Leo – Milano calibro 9 (1972)

    1971-1980ActionCrimeFernando Di LeoItaly


    Milan Calibre 9 (made in 1971 and released the following year) is the first chapter of the famous “Milieu Trilogy”, continued with Manhunt (La mala ordina) and ending with The Boss (Il boss) in which Fernando di Leo explores the different aspects of the world of organized crime. The title of the film is taken from a story by Giorgio Scerbanenco which is part of the book I Centodelitti. This Russian writer also inspired certain parts of scripts ( Stazione centrale ammazzare subitofor the bomb package, Vietato essere felici and La vendetta è il miglior perdono for certain characteristics belonging to the main character, Ugo Piazza). But basically, di Leo created this film independently, using the noir genre as a vehicle for his own sociological, anthropological and also philosophical ideas about the world of crime.Read More »

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