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  • Franco Maresco – La mafia non è più quella di una volta AKA The Mafia Is No Longer What It Used to Be (2019)

    Franco Maresco2011-2020ArthouseDocumentaryItaly
    La mafia non è più quella di una volta (2019)
    La mafia non è più quella di una volta (2019)

    In 2017, 25 years after the Capaci and Via D’Amelio massacres, Franco Maresco decided to make a new film. To do so, he finds impetus in one of his recent works dedicated to Letizia Battaglia, an eighty-year-old photographer whose shots chronicled the mafia wars, defined by the New York Times as one of the “eleven women who have marked our time”. The director feels the need to pair Letizia with a figure from the other side of the fence: Ciccio Mira, the ‘legendary’ organiser of street parties, already the protagonist in 2014’s Belluscone. A Sicilian story.Read More »

  • Franco Maresco – Belluscone. Una storia siciliana (2014)

    2011-2020ComedyDocumentaryFranco MarescoItaly


    The film critic Tatti Sanguineti arrives in Palermo to find out what has happened to Franco Maresco’s unfinished movie: Belluscone. Una storia siciliana. A film that was supposed to tell the story of the unique relationship between Berlusconi and Sicily through the misadventures of the Palermitan impresario of Neapolitan “neomelodic” singers and organizer of street festivals, Ciccio Mira—an undaunted supporter of Berlusconi, nostalgic for the old days’ Mafia— and two artists in his stable, Erik and Vittorio Ricciardi, who perform in the squares of Palermo a song entitled “Vorrei conoscere Berlusconi” (“I Want to Meet Berlusconi”). The film focuses on three failures: the political and human one of a Berlusconi now on the wane; that of the unfortunate and “slapdash” Ciccio Mira, rooted in an old but tenacious culture; and finally, the artistic one of the director, who chooses to disappear after realizing that tilting at political windmills is pointless, in a country that has long identified with Berlusconian “culture” and probably continues to do so.
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