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  • Franco Piavoli – Al primo soffio di vento AKA At the First Breath of Wind (2002)

    2001-2010ArthouseDramaFranco PiavoliItaly
    Al primo soffio di vento (2002)
    Al primo soffio di vento (2002)

    Experimental film director Franco Piavoli’s Al Primo Soffio Di Vento (At the First Breath of Wind) is nearly a wordless, non-narrative account of a summer’s day as appreciated by the residents of an estate in Lombardy, Italy.

    The family, despite living in a idyllic mansion, live their lives very much apart from one another. The father (Primo Gaburri) is usually holed up in his study, while his wife aimlessly paces the grounds pining away after a former lover. Of the two daughters, the eldest plays sad tunes on the piano, while the younger explores the woods and struggles to understand her recent inklings of sexual attraction.Read More »

  • Franco Piavoli – Affettuosa presenza (2004)

    2001-2010ArthouseDocumentaryFranco PiavoliItaly

    The life and work of the poet and sculptor, Umberto Bellintani, seen through his correspondence with the art critic and historian, Alessandro Parronchi. The letters reveal the brotherly trust uniting the two friends, as well as the deep sensitivity that inspired the poet’s lines. Acclaiming the harmony of two artistic sensitivities, the film blends the beauty of poetry in words with that of poetry in images.Read More »

  • Franco Piavoli – Il Pianeta Azzurro AKA The Blue Planet [+Extras] (1982)

    1981-1990ArthouseDocumentaryFranco PiavoliItaly


    The film follows the cycle of the seasons upon a rural landscape, from the reawakening of life following the Winter thaw to the blossoming of Spring, the heat of Summer working in the fields and the twilight of Autumn. Man is confronted by nature through the succession of seasons and in the essential moments of his existence: youth, love, food, work, pain.Read More »

  • Franco Piavoli – Poesie in 8mm AKA Poems in 8mm [+Extras] (1954-1964)

    Documentary1951-19601961-1970Franco PiavoliItalyShort Film

    Poems in 8mm are the early works of Franco Piavoli, digitally restored. Independent short films, captured with a simple Paillard camera, involving no crew and no production. In this collection, one can find Le Stagioni (The Seasons), precursor to Il Pianeta Azzurro (The Blue Planet), Emigranti (Emigrants), a short on immigration in Milan during the Sixties, Domenica Sera (Sunday Evening), and the experimental Evasi (Convicts). These titles, up to this point unavailable to the public in an edition that respects the original state of the film. This also goes for the Piavoli’s first work, Ambulatorio (Surgery), described by the director as mere playing around with the camera. Without music and words, it is nonetheless revealing of an artistic sensibility that would soon show itself in full splendour.Read More »

  • Franco Piavoli – Nostos: Il Ritorno AKA Nostos: The Return [+Extras] (1990)

    1981-1990ArthouseExperimentalFranco PiavoliItaly


    At the end of the war, Odysseus, the wandering hero, with his companions begins his sail back home to the Mediterranean. The conclusion of his adventure is delayed by many natural obstacles and he takes an internal journey of fleeting memories of his childhood, his parents, love for a beautiful girl, nostalgia for the past, regret for what he did, and the deep silence that envelops everything. He confronts the most terrible loneliness following a shipwreck in which all the comrades perish.Read More »

  • Franco Piavoli – Voci nel Tempo AKA Voices Through Time (1996)

    1991-2000ArthouseDocumentaryFranco PiavoliItaly


    An ode to the cycles of life charts the passages of infancy, youth, maturity and old age against the seasons of the year in the bucolic Lombardy village of Castellaro.Read More »

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