François Leterrier

François Leterrier – Les mauvais coups aka Naked Autumn (1961)

An ex-racing driver (Reginald Kernan) lives in the country with his aging wife (Simone Signoret). They spend their days quarrelling and baiting each other, and making up uneasily before starting again. The new village school teacher (Alexandra Stewart) enters the scene, threatening to upset the love-hate balance of the couple. Read More »

François Leterrier – Un roi sans divertissement AKA A King Without Distraction (1963)

In the nineteenth century, a young police captain, Langlois, is sent to a remote snow-covered village to investigate the disappearance of a girl. He is helped in his investigation by a local magistrate, who is convinced that the murderer is an ordinary man who has killed merely to relieve his boredom. When he finally confronts the killer, Langlois becomes aware of his own identity and discovers that he too has the impulse to take the lives of others… Read More »