François Moreuil

  • Fabien Collin & François Moreuil – La récréation AKA Playtime (1961)

    1961-1970DramaFabien CollinFranceFrançois Moreuil

    ‘Kate, an American at a Parisian boarding school, faces the moral and ethical choices of adulthood. Looking over the wall of her school, she becomes fascinated with a sculptor next door, and she begins a flirtation. Although he needs little encouragement, his mistress urges him to seduce the lass and contrives to leave the two together. The same week this cat-and-mouse game begins, Kate witnesses an early morning hit and run road accident in which a soldier is killed. She doesn’t see the car’s driver, whom we know to be the sculptor, but the car is distinctive. What will she do when she finds out he was the driver? Will she call off the affair and call in the cops?’
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