François Reichenbach

  • François Reichenbach – Le Paris des mannequins (1962)

    1961-1970DocumentaryFranceFrançois ReichenbachShort Film

    Céline G. Arzatian wrote:
    A photo shoot on the roofs and in the streets of Paris, under the astonished eyes of the inhabitants.

    “The gaze is the way to be amazed again,” says François Reichenbach. A filmmaker of the moment, this intuitive, sometimes instinctive, explains that when you have to prepare a scene to film it, it is already too late. What happens will never happen again, you have to seize the moment. It is spontaneity that interests him: “I only like things that are not prepared, that are done, just like that, in the rush”, he says.Read More »

  • François Reichenbach – Medicine Ball Caravan (1971)

    1971-1980DocumentaryFrançois ReichenbachPerformanceUSA

    Medicine Ball Caravan is a scaled-down Woodstock-ish rock concert documentary. Director Francois Reichenbach followed a large troupe of performers known as the Caravan as they made a nationwide tour in 1970. The avowed purpose was to preach a doctrine of Peace and Love, but most people came to “groove.” Among the featured performers are Alice Cooper, B.B. King and Doug Kershaw.

    Martin Scorsese, who’d previously been a co-supervising editor on Woodstock, both edited and functioned as associate producer of Medicine Ball Caravan.Read More »

  • François Reichenbach – Un coeur gros comme ça AKA The Winner (1961)

    Arthouse1961-1970DocumentaryFranceFrançois Reichenbach

    The adventures of a young Senegalese, Abdoulaye Faye, who comes to Paris to try his luck as a boxer. His dream of winning the championship and conquering women – especially Michèle Morgan – whom he worships, his his adaptation to Paris life, the cold and fog which astonish him, occupy his thoughts. He meets a Japanese woman in the Bois de Boulogne, consults a medium. And then comes the championship fight.

    Critique award, Venice Film festival, 1962.
    Cameo of Jean-Paul Belmondo, as a member of the audience during the fight of the young Abdoulaye Faye.
    Music by Michel Legrand and Georges Delerue.Read More »

  • François Reichenbach & Frédéric Rossif – Portrait: Orson Welles (1968)

    Documentary1961-1970FranceFrançois ReichenbachFrédéric RossifOrson WellesTV


    A famous French documentary director has chosen to match his talents with those of a powerful subject who talks on his youth, his formative years, his life and work. Reichenbach on Welles on Welles, one might say.

    These recollections help to explain something of the creative processes of film making, comparing the behaviour of Welles the director and Welles the man. Orson at home, Orson interviewed at the Cannes Festival, Orson shooting a scene with Jeanne Moreau… Orson in portrait. No less. (MIFF)Read More »

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