Françoise Prenant

  • Françoise Prenant – Paris, mon petit corps est bien las de ce grand monde AKA Paris, my little body is aweary of this great world (1998)

    1991-2000DramaFantasyFranceFrançoise Prenant

    Myope (‘myopic’) and Lunettes (‘glasses’), both played by the maker, Franssou Prenant, live in Paris and experience the same feeling of isolation and fear of the outside world. Their reaction to these feelings are however contradictory: Myope is a rebel, always out to defend herself against ‘external’ reality, while Lunettes observes the world and eventually accepts it for what it is. From the window of their apartment they look at Agathe and Pierrot, two inseparable kids who love each other, but do not express these feelings. Are they real, or do they only exist in the imagination of both women? The film dissects the relationships between the various characters and reveals the many barriers around them, something that is beautifully expressed in the film material used: Myope and Lunettes are filmed on Super-8, Agathe and Pierrot on 16mm. The coarse grain and the fuller colours of Super-8 evoke an unpolished, authentic mood, while the sharper and cooler 16mm material is more stylised and emphasises the element of fiction. A contrary cut stresses the two confusing personalities of Myope and Lunette in the same body of the director.Read More »

  • Françoise Prenant – Paradis perdu (1975)

    1971-1980FranceFrançoise PrenantQueer Cinema(s)Short Film

    A 1975 French language short film written and directed by Franssou Prenant, starring Hélène Hazéra, Marie-France and René Schérer.

    Young transgender women turn the streets of Paris into their cabaret. Their dreams are quickly overtaken by reality.Read More »

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