Frank V. Ross

  • Frank V. Ross – Present Company (2008)

    Frank V. Ross2001-2010ComedyDramaMumblecoreUSA

    Leading very separate lives, Christy and her boyfriend Buddy live together in her parent’s basement with their baby Mikey. As Christy, a waitress and aspiring writer, and Buddy, a plumber’s apprentice, struggle with the realities of their lives, questions are formed about obligations, consequences, and all the identities we employ to get through the day.Read More »

  • Frank V. Ross – Hohokam (2007)

    2001-2010ComedyDramaFrank V. RossMumblecoreUSA

    After an old friend’s visit ends, Lori is feeling a bit down. Bored with her job, agitated at home, and frustrated with money problems, Lori takes out her anger on her ex-marine boyfriend, Anson. However, after a broken mug, a trip to the zoo and a case of the shingles Lori’s mood changes.Read More »

  • Frank V. Ross – Audrey the Trainwreck (2010)

    2001-2010ComedyDramaFrank V. RossMumblecoreUSA

    The story of two people caught in the routines of work and circles of friends. The days begin with an alarm and ends with the fading sound of a television. Ron Hogan, a 28 year old ATM parts purchaser, and Stacy Ryan, a 27 year old, oddly charming courier, meet through a match making Internet service and go through the routine of falling for one another.Read More »

  • Frank V. Ross – Tiger Tail in Blue (2012)

    2011-2020DramaFrank V. RossMumblecoreRomanceUSA

    Christopher and Melody are a couple in the midst of their first year of marriage. Christopher is a writer by day, but by night serves wine and food to people without discerning tastes. Melody is a teacher who finds herself exhausted with instruction, grading, and parent-teacher meetings. Less by choice than by chance (or maybe necessity), they keep opposing schedules that leave little time for one another. As a result, their interactions are abbreviated, sometimes impersonal, and over time their relationship suffers. But perhaps for the better?Read More »

  • Frank V. Ross – Quietly on By (2005)

    2001-2010DramaFrank V. RossMumblecoreUSA


    “Two months ago, his girlfriend left him. One month ago, he lost both of his jobs after a nervous breakdown. He can’t work in his mom’s flower shop because he’s allergic to pollen and paperwork. Single, lonely, and jobless, Aaron expends his time and energy nurturing a long standing crush on his best friend Sara. Meanwhile, his other best friend, Erik, sells pot to his kid sister Erin (behind his back, naturally). If he manages to get out of bed, Aaron may mow the lawn, or he may reconstruct Stonehenge with a set of encyclopedias. To avoid embarrassing himself, he makes sure to rehearse all of his conversations in advance. Aaron sees something approaching on the horizon. Whether it’s his future or his doom, apparently it drives a white SUV ” Written by Frank V. Ross ( IMDB)Read More »

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