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  • Frans Weisz – Charlotte (1981)

    1981-1990DramaFrans WeiszNetherlandsWar
    Charlotte (1981)
    Charlotte (1981)

    Biopic of the life of the jewish artist Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943) who fled Berlin after the Kristallnacht in 1939 to live with her grandparents in the south of France. Salomon had a diary/comic style of painting and drawing and left a biographical body of nearly 1000 works, to which she collectively referred as “Life? or Theater?”. It depicts her youth in Berlin and her romance with a the mysterious Daberlohn against the backdrop of rising national socialism.Read More »

  • Frans Weisz – Naakt over de Schutting aka Naked Over the Fence (1973)

    1971-1980ComedyFrans WeiszNetherlandsThriller


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    Amsterdam: city of pigeons, karate and dirty movies
    12 November 2004 | by Chip_douglas (Rijswijk, ZH, Netherlands)

    This 1973 film is based on one of six ‘Srillers’ (short for sarcastic thriller) by Rinus Ferdinandusse, who also co-wrote the screenplay and appears in the film. It stars Rijk de Gooijer as Rutger Maria Lemming, or Rick for short. Lemming suffers from Angela Lansbury syndrome: murder mysteries regularly cross his part even though he is happy milking pigeons and running a pinball arcade. When his loyal but gullible friend and former karate champ Ed Swaan (John Blumming) finds himself involved with some pornographers, the two of them set about getting their hands on the embarrassing footage.Read More »

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