Fred Halsted

  • Fred Halsted – A Night at Halsted’s (1982)

    1981-1990EroticaFred HalstedQueer Cinema(s)USA

    Fred Halsted’s last worthwhile film! Shot at his own “stand-up fuck club.”

    This film features a great punk/new wave soundtrack featuring the following songs:Read More »

  • Fred Halsted – Truck It (1973)

    1971-1980EroticaFred HalstedQueer Cinema(s)USA

    Stars Playgirl discovery Roger Huckstex in his big screen/feature film debut. Hot voyeurism as we cruise around L.A. with Roger in his milk truck. Kinky happenings as he discovers new uses for dildoes fastened to his hanging jockstrap.Read More »

  • Fred Halsted – Sextool (1975)

    Fred Halsted1971-1980EroticaQueer Cinema(s)USA

    The last of this loose trilogy is Sextool. This is probably the most complex of Halsted’s films, with radical narrative shifts and some of the — still — raunchiest sex scenes in all of non-amteur gay porn. Sextool features the director’s trademark faceless machos: a pair of cops who shove their nightstick up a trick ‘s ass, and a group of sweaty gangbangers who whip, fuck, and fist a cornfed blonde sailor on a bunk bed without a mattress. This scene offers a distillation of Halsted’s world-view. The ruthless abuse of the neatly dressed, boyish, sweet-faced sailor is the director’s most pointed assault on everything wholesome that he hated in postwar American culture. The sailor-boy’s enthusiastic acceptance of his abuse is Halsted’s proof that the mindless “goodness” and optimism of the rising middle class deserved to be attacked, and he does it with gusto. Like the sailor, Joey Yale appears as a too-willing bottom, eagerly embracing the authentic abuse that the real Fred Halsted dishes out. Sadly, the culture wasn’t as accommodating as Yale; these films were censored and remain difficult, and in the case of Sextool, virtually impossible to see (much less own) even today outside rare cinematheque and museum screenings.Read More »

  • Fred Halsted – The Sex Garage (1972)

    1971-1980EroticaExperimentalFred HalstedQueer Cinema(s)USA

    Fred Halsted, S&M aficionado and XXX film actor, emerged as a director rivaling Kenneth Anger in the genre of gay art-erotica. L.A. Plays Itself (1972) was his take on the same territory as Anger’s Scorpio Rising. When it opened at the 55th Street Playhouse, doubled billed with his Sex Garage, it was a case of see-it-now, or now you don’t. The police shut it down – not for the notorious fisting vignette that climaxes L.A. Plays Itself (which is cut from the video versions), but for a scene in which a guy gets it on with his motorcycle.Read More »

  • Fred Halsted – LA Plays Itself [+Commentary] (1972)

    1971-1980EroticaExperimentalFred HalstedQueer Cinema(s)USA

    Fred Halsted plays himself in his notorious autobiographical portrait of Los Angeles. Two men have a fleetingly idyllic meeting outside of town while Halsted shows a young pick-up the ropes within city limits.Read More »

  • Fred Halsted – LA Plays Itself (1972)

    1971-1980EroticaExperimentalFred HalstedQueer Cinema(s)USA


    L.A. Plays Itself begins as a mock-pastorale, with a steamy woodland encounter between a long-haired blonde guy and a hunky brunette whose face, typical of the director, we can barely discern. This extended hardcore sequence of outdoor sex gives way to images of bulldozers tearing down parts of the city; noisy, car-choked streets; and opportunistic encounters that occur both onscreen and on the audio track, the latter in the form of a conversation between a hayseed from Texas who’s just arrived in town and a predator who pretends to warn him of the dangers of the “big city” as a kind of nervous foreplay ritual. Halsted’s sex is sweaty and desperate, set against images of cruelty and destruction both in the bedrooms, bathhouses, and casual sexspaces where it occurs and in the grim, trashy world looming just outside. The sardonic commentaries of the director, who’s also usually a participant even when only seen in shadow, add unexpected touches of humanity.L.A. Plays Itself is a film of private rituals publicly exposed
    Read More »

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