Fred L’Epee

  • Fred L’Epee – Bipolar (2015)

    2011-2020CanadaExperimentalFred L’EpeeShort Film

    Bipolar (2014)
    Film by Fred L’Epee
    In collaboration with Kenneth Gentry and Ed Alvarado.

    “The theme of bipolarity is seen through various means: the natural and the man-made; production and destruction; energy and adynamia; peace and apocalypse; equilibrium and disequilibrium — from the beginning to the end. This emerging view of a complex “bipolar climate machinery” urgently calls for a major research effort in order to decipher and quantify the interplay of atmospheric and social processes. When the world is in no accordance with all the cyclic combinations, a more or less bipolar world cannot be inevitable”Read More »

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