Fred Niblo

  • Fred Niblo & Dorothy Arzner – Blood and Sand [extended version] (1922)

    1921-1930Dorothy ArznerDramaFred NibloSilentUSA

    Juan is the son of a poor widow in Seville. Against his mother’s wishes he pursues a career as toreador. He rapidly gains national prominence, and takes his childhood sweetheart Carmen as his bride. He meets the Marquis’ daughter Dona Sol, and finds himself in the awkward position of being in love with two women, which threatens the stability of his family and his position in society. He finds interesting parallels in the life of the infamous bandit Plumitas when they eventually meet by chance.Read More »

  • Fred Niblo – Sex (1920)

    1911-1920ClassicsFred NibloSilentUSA

    Plot Outline: A broadway actress uses her sex appeal to ruin a marriage only to dump her lover for a richer prospect.
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  • Fred Niblo – Way Out West [Pre-Code] (1930)

    1921-1930ComedyFred NibloQueer Cinema(s)USAWestern


    Plot/Synopsis: from ROVI
    A pleasant enough western parody starring one of the victims of sound, William Haines, Way Out West is the story of a carnival huckster forced to work on a western ranch in order to repay a couple of cowboys he once fleeced. There’s a sandstorm, a fist-fight with the ubiquitous crooked foreman (Charles Middleton), a pretty female ranch owner (Leila Hyams), and sundry other western clichés thrown in to prove the star’s manly qualities.The light-weight Haines played many such roles, but reshuffling due to sound (not to mention a quarrel with MGM studio head, Louis B. Mayer), ended his career. Haines later became a fashionable interior decorator. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, RoviRead More »

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