Frederick De Cordova

  • Frederick De Cordova – That Way with Women (1947) 

    1941-1950ComedyFrederick De CordovaRomanceUSA

    THAT WAY WITH WOMEN was a cute romantic comedy nothing especially special, but it had a solid cast and provided a diverting 84 minutes. The story, a remake of THE MILLIONAIRE (1931), is about a former automobile manufacturing tycoon from Detroit, J.P. Alden (Sydney Greenstreet), who is bored with his retirement in sunny Pasadena, California; on a whim J.P. buys a half interest in a gas station. The other half of the gas station is owned by Greg Wilson (Dane Clark), a young man struggling to get a business going after wartime service. Greg has no idea of J.P.’s true identity, or that J.P. is the father of Marcia (Martha Vickers), the gorgeous young woman with whom Greg has a love-hate relationship.Read More »

  • Frederick De Cordova – Bedtime for Bonzo (1951)

    1951-1960ComedyFrederick De CordovaUSA

    Professor Peter Boyd’s engagement to the Dean’s daughter is upset by the revelation that his father was a habitual convict. To prove the Dean’s genetic theory of inherited traits as wrong, Boyd starts a ‘secret’ experiment. He borrows the science department’s chimpanzee with the goal of showing that it is one’s environment that affects your reaction to right and wrong.Read More »

  • Frederick De Cordova – Her Kind of Man (1946)

    1941-1950CrimeFilm NoirFrederick De CordovaUSA

    Georgia King (Janis Paige) thought she was sitting pretty, Broadway-bound and the chosen gal of bad boy Steve Maddux (Zachary Scott). Things go awry when Steve plugs a mug in self-defense and goes on the lam while Georgia goes solo to the Great White Way. In New York, Georgia captures the attention of straight-and-narrow newsman Don Corwin (Dane Clark). When Steve returns to New York for a romantic reunion with Georgia, he and Don battle for their songbird’s heart, the law and the lawless begin to break apart around the budding triangle. As Steve’s past sins return to cause tragedy in the present, he faces the biggest night of his life as Prohibition comes to an end. Thanks to its crisp direction and pitch-perfect cast, including genre favorites Faye Emerson and George Tobias, this noir rises above the numbers.Read More »

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