Frieda Liappa

  • Frieda Liappa – Mia zoi se thymamai na fevgeis (1977)

    Frieda Liappa1971-1980ArthouseDramaGreece
    Mia zoi se thymamai na fevgeis (1977)
    Mia zoi se thymamai na fevgeis (1977)

    “A love story, set in Athens of 1977, between a female, left-wing journalist and a stage actor who has abandoned the theatre. The film borrows its title from a hit by singer Mitropanos, “I remember you leaving, all my life”. Politics, the Left, artistic impasses of a creator, theatre, the relations between a man and a woman; with the man always abandoning the girl , as the title of the film (and the song) suggests.

    The director from Messina, depicts in detailed relief and sharply, a specific generation and a specific point in time: that of the regime change (metapolitefsi).”Read More »

  • Frieda Liappa – Ta hronia tis megalis zestis AKA The years of the big heat (1991)

    Drama1991-2000Frieda LiappaGreece

    Frieda Liappa’s rarely seen last film: a highly symbolic feature, which was banned in Greece.
    (she was accused of using a child as a voyeur).

    It is the end of a hot summer. A group of holiday-makers continue their holidays on a beach. Elektra, who was born there, lives alone, ignoring almost everything about herself in anticipation of something. One day, Pavlos arrives. Everything seems both familiar and strange to him at the same time. A strange virus, resulting from the high temperature, has affected his memory.Read More »

  • Frieda Liappa – Itan enas isyhos thanatos AKA A Quiet Death (1986)

    1981-1990DramaFrieda LiappaGreece

    Through a complex and gripping exploration of a woman’s troubled psyche, director Frieda Liappa has created a suspenseful drama and intriguing look into relationships and their meaning. Martha (Eleonora Stathopoulou) is unhappy with her life as it is at the moment, and among other issues, she has decided to give up her writing career. Along with that decision comes a need to get away from her husband and from her psychiatrist, with whom she has had more than just a doctor-patient relationship. As Martha travels through a deserted city landscape in a storm, the external world reflects something of her inner turmoil. Flashbacks are interspersed throughout the film to enhance the suspense of Martha’s inner and outer journey.Read More »

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