Fudong Yang

  • Fudong Yang – Mingri zaochao AKA Dawn Breaking (2018)

    Fudong Yang2011-2020ChinaExperimentalVideo Art

    Dawn Breaking is the opening chapter of Yang Fudong’s Museum Film Project. The idea of the series first conceived while Yang worked on his solo exhibition in Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in 2005. After more than a decade, the first episode has been fulfilled this year in Shanghai Long Museum. Yang set the background of “Dawn Breaking” in Song dynasty which was prominent for achievements in art, culture and science. He also extracted nearly three hundred sentences of Nietzsche’s Quotations as the exclusive script. Live performance in the context of ancient oriental history intertwines with the quotes of desire, and power from the German philosopher. Read More »

  • Fudong Yang – Mosheng tiantang AKA An Estranged Paradise (2002)

    Drama2001-2010ArthouseChinaFudong Yang

    Filmed over five years from 1997 to 2002, Yang’s first black and white movie tells the story of Zhuzi, a young intellectual, who has consulted countless doctors over his “illness”. Without any physical symptoms pointing to a definitive diagnosis, one is led to assume that the character’s illness is far more deep-seated and psychologically driven. A central theme of Yang’s work is the urban intellectual’s psyche, the generation who is old enough to remember life before the re-opening of China’s economy, while spending their formative years in a modernizing China.Read More »

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