Gahité Fofana

  • Gahité Fofana – Un matin bonne heure AKA Early in the Morning (2006)

    2001-2010ArthouseDramaGahité FofanaGuinea

    Two Guinean kids do not manage to find work despite their inventiveness and creativity. That’s why they decide to travel to Europe as aircraft stowaways. Soberly told but moving indictment, based on true events.

    Early in the Morning is a moving indictment and sober and atmospheric narrative that does not mythologise. It is based on a true story. The convincing tone of the film may well result from the background of Gahité Fofana, who had previously made documentaries about AIDS in Africa and about a gang member condemned to death. Fofana: ‘Yaguine and Fodé want to study, combat misery, deny fate. Read More »

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