George C. Stoney

  • George C. Stoney – All My Babies: A Midwife’s Own Story (1953)

    USA1951-1960Amos Vogel: Film as a Subversive ArtDocumentaryGeorge C. Stoney

    From the DVD back cover:
    ‘All My Babies’ (1952) was selected in 2002 by the Librarian of Congress as a “culturally, historically, and artistically significant work” for permanent preservation in the National Film Registry.

    This beautiful film is the story of “Miss Mary” Coley, an African-American midwife more than half a century ago in rural Georgia. Conceived as a demonstration film for illiterate “granny” midwives, its production sponsored by the Georgia Department of Public Health, ‘All My Babies’ quickly transcended its initial purpose. It was used around the world by UNESCO and has become an enduring classic of non-fiction film.Read More »

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