Georges Hachem

  • Georges Hachem – Rsasa taycheh AKA Stray Bullet (2010)

    2001-2010DramaGeorges HachemLebanon

    Stray Bullet AKA Rsasa taycheh (Arabic: رصاصة طايشة‎) is the first long feature film by Lebanese director Georges Hachem. starring Nadine Labaki.

    On the end of summer 1976, in the Northern’s suburb of Beirut, Noha is getting married. Her family is relieved for she’s taking her last chance before she becomes an old maid like her older sister. Everything is going for the best until, on that Sunday, Noha changes her mind about the wedding and decides to meet up with her ex-lover. Events of this day will change the family’s life forever.Read More »

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