Georges Lacombe

  • Georges Lacombe – L’appel du destin AKA The Call of Destiny (1953)

    1951-1960DramaFranceGeorges Lacombe

    In Venice, a failed and alcoholic musician attends the concert of his teenage son, a precocious conductor who has never met him. Three years after “Prélude à la gloire”, in order to confirm the aura of child star Roberto Benzi, this new film embroiders a fictional story around filial bonds and the father’s remorse. While Roberto Benzi, as impressive as a conductor as he is a poor actor, does what he can, Jean Marais, leaving for the first time his usual part of young leading man, is quite impressive. With the help of excellent supporting actors: Fernand Sardou, Edouard Belmont and Jacqueline Porel, he allows the film to rise above its condition of melodramatic and conventional work. The direction of Georges Lacombe, sober and elegant, does not fail. The film, although less successful than its predecessor, is famous for having generated a good number of musical vocations among the young people of the time.Read More »

  • Yves Mirande & Georges Lacombe – Derrière la Façade AKA Behind the Facade (1939)

    1931-1940CrimeFranceGeorges LacombeMysteryYves Mirande

    Two rival police inspectors, Boucheron and Baumer, investigate the murder of the owner of a well-to-do apartment block. Madame Mathieu has been found stabbed to death in the lift, and there is no shortage of suspects. The murder weapon is a knife which belongs to a resident knife thrower, Picking, and which is found in the room of a kleptomaniac, Corbeau. No sooner have these two suspects been arrested than a young bank clerk, André, confesses – not to the murder but to defrauding his employer. Could the murderer be the sinister Eric, who is revealing his nasty character during a game of cards? Could it be the unscrupulous Alfredo, a classy crook who abuses women? Or could it be the son of the respectable Président Bernier, eager to repay his father for having a mistress? As they delve deeper into the private lives of the dead woman’s tenants, Boucheron and Baumer make more than a few surprising discoveries. But will they solve the crime..?Read More »

  • Georges Lacombe – Martin Roumagnac (1946)

    1941-1950DramaFranceGeorges LacombeRomance


    In a small provincial town, Blanche Ferrand and her uncle own a shop which sells seed and birds. Blanche resents her drab milieu but has no difficulty attracting male suitors who might offer her an escape. One of these is Martin Roumagnac, a building contractor who falls passionately in love with Blanche as soon as he sees her. Blanche appears to reciprocate Martin’s love but, without his knowing, she allows herself to be courted by a wealthy consul, whose wife is grievously ill. The consul proposes that after his wife’s death Blanche should marry him. When Martin learns of this he is thrown into a murderous frenzy…
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