Georges Lautner

  • Georges Lautner – La cage aux folles 3 – ‘Elles’ se marient AKA La Cage aux Folles 3: The Wedding (1986)

    France1981-1990ComedyGeorges LautnerQueer Cinema(s)

    Albin and Renato, the owners of St-Tropez’s most notorious night club, are facing financial ruin. Albin Mougeotte (Michel Serreault) learns that he is to inherit a big sum of money but to have the right to it, the testament demands him to get married and have a child within the next 18 months. Being gay (drag), he gets perplex and doesn’t know what to do. He hides such details to his boyfriend Renato (Ugo Tognazzi) but he’ll finally find out about it and will try to find a way to the situation. Albin will try to date women, dress ‘normal’ almost throughout the film as he needs to hide his homosexuality (but the manners remains of course). Will Albin be capable to fool himself into a marriage and child and get the money or will he choose to stay himself and refuse it?Read More »

  • Georges Lautner – Le Pacha AKA Pasha [+commentary] (1968)

    1961-1970CrimeDramaFranceGeorges Lautner

    Early one morning, an armoured van loaded with diamonds sets out from the Place Vendôme in the heart of Paris to Bourget airport, accompanied by a police escort. Before it can reach its destination, the convoy is suddenly attacked by a gang of armed crooks, who show no mercy as they set about stealing the valuable cargo. The gang’s leader, Quinquin, has no intention of sharing his ill-gotten gains with his accomplices. As soon as he has taken receipt of the diamonds he begins eliminating all of his criminal associates, beginning with Gouvion, the police inspector who was charged with
    delivering the jewels.Read More »

  • Georges Lautner – Ne nous fâchons pas AKA Let’s Not Get Angry (1966)

    1961-1970ComedyCrimeFranceGeorges Lautner

    IMDb wrote:
    Antoine helps two former acquaintances escape the country, who repay him with a debt transfer. All he has to do is collect from some Léonard Michalon, but for that he will have to go into much trouble to keep the man alive.Read More »

  • Georges Lautner – La route de Salina AKA Road to Salina (1970)

    1961-1970DramaFranceGeorges LautnerThriller

    A drifter in his 20s, having just walked 10 miles through the desert, comes upon a diner/filling station and helps himself to the water pump; the diner’s proprietress, an older woman–possibly mad–welcomes the young man in believing him to be her long-lost son Rocky, a volatile kid who apparently left his mother and sister four years ago after a family row. Unpredictable bughouse melodrama, a French-Italian co-production shot in the Canary Islands, which lends to the story’s netherworld atmosphere. Well-directed by Georges Lautner, who also co-adapted the screenplay with Jack Miller and Pascal Jardin, from the novel “Sur la Route de Salina” by Maurice Cury. Read More »

  • Gilles Grangier & Georges Lautner – Les Bons Vivants AKA Un Grand Seigneur AKA High Lifers AKA How to Keep the Red Lamp Burning (1965)

    1961-1970ComedyDramaFranceGeorges LautnerGilles Grangier

    Pleasure-seekers deal with the official closing of French bordellos after the passing of the 1949 legislation outlawing the houses of ill repute. Part two finds a former prostitute who is besieged by former associates after she pulls off a successful robbery attempt. The final segment has a wealthy but sanctimonious patron offering a joy girl a place to stay. His house becomes a popular meeting place when his friends and the prostitute’s friends get together for fun and games.Read More »

  • Georges Lautner – Des pissenlits par la racine AKA Salad by the Roots (1964)

    1961-1970ComedyFranceGeorges Lautner

    Jockey Jack has a bill open with a gangster just released from jail. He somehow manages to parry the gangster’s knife attack backstage at a theatre and the latter ends up dead being put into a double bass case. A day later the gangster mysteriously has disappeared, but it turns out that he was carrying a bet ticket for a horse race now worth over a million. A turbulent run for the money begins.Read More »

  • Georges Lautner – La maison assassinée AKA The Murdered House (1988)

    1981-1990CrimeFranceGeorges LautnerMystery

    In the aftermath of the First World War, Séraphin Monge returns to his home village in the south of France and sets about finding himself a job. Working as a road-mender, he gets to meet another man, Brigue, who is able to shed some light on his mysterious past. Séraphin is surprised to learn that, almost a quarter of a century ago, his entire family was slaughtered in the course of one stormy night. He was the only survivor, then just a baby of four months. The murders were blamed on a party of migrant workers from Eastern Europe – they were soon arrested and executed, although not everyone was convinced of their guilt at the time.Read More »

  • Georges Lautner – Le professionnel AKA The Professional (1981)

    1981-1990ActionFranceGeorges LautnerThriller

    French secret agent Joss Baumont is sent to one of the African countries to kill their president Njala. However, at the last moment the political situation changes and the French secret service turns him in to the African authorities, and he is sentenced to a long-term imprisonment. After the daring escape he returns to France and deliberately informs his former chiefs of his presence promising them to kill Njala who has just arrived to the country with the official visit.Read More »

  • Georges Lautner – La valise AKA Man in the Trunk (1973)

    1971-1980AdventureComedyFranceGeorges Lautner

    Having succeeded in making himself the enemy of the entire Arab world, Commander Bloch, a senior agent in the Israeli secret services, flees to Libya and soon finds himself holed up in the French Embassy in Tripoli. His only hope of leaving the country alive is by being smuggled out in a diplomatic suitcase. Captain Augier is tasked with this delicate mission, but before the suitcase can reach Paris an airport strike takes effect. As a result, Augier and Bloch end up being confined to a hotel, which just happens to be the same hotel where the Israeli spy met the one true love of his life, Françoise. As he recalls this earlier romantic interlude in his life Bloch manages to convince himself that Françoise is the person who betrayed him. Read More »

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