Gérard Brach

  • Gérard Brach – Le bateau sur l’herbe AKA The Boat on the Grass (1971)

    1971-1980DramaFranceGérard Brach

    Essentially known as Polanski’s screenwriter (the famous director collaborated for the screenplay here), Gerard Brach made two movies in the early seventies: “La Maison” (feat Michel Simon) and “Le Bateau Sur l’Herbe”. Well acted by Jean-Pierre Cassel, Truffaut’s protégée Claude Jade and British John McEnnery (not dubbed) who manages quite well in French – even if he bestows Hamlet’s monologue on us – and stays very natural when he’s looking for a word or wondering whether “broken mirrors bring bad luck over here too”.Read More »

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