Gérard Oury

  • Gérard Oury – La menace AKA The Menace (1961)

    Gérard Oury1961-1970FranceMysteryThriller

    ‘Josepha is only eighteen and longs for the companionship of a group of her peers who dabble in activities on the shady side of a legal dividing line. In order to get the semi-delinquent group to accept her, Josepha runs to the police with a tall tale about the local druggist, Savary. The police are looking for a sex murderer, and Josepha insists Savary is their man. What she does not know, however, can do her considerable damage.’
    – Eleanor MannikkaRead More »

  • Gérard Oury – Le cerveau AKA The Brain (1969)

    1961-1970ClassicsComedyFranceGérard Oury

    Not long after pulling off a spectacular train robbery in Great Britain, the criminal genius The Brain is soon planning his next lucrative enterprise. Joining forces with Mafia boss Scannapieco, he devises a scheme to steal the secret funds of the fourteen member countries of NATO whilst they are being transferred by train between Paris and Brussels. By chance, precisely the same plan has occurred to small-time crooks Arthur and Anatole. By imitating The Brain’s methods, they confidently set about the heist that will make them millionaires. Unfortunately, nothing goes quite as planned…Read More »

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