Geri Ashur and Peter Schlaifer

  • Newsreel (Geri Ashur & Peter Schlaifer) – Make-Out (1970)

    1971-1980Geri Ashur and Peter SchlaiferShort FilmUSA


    As a young couple make out in a car, we hear the woman’s stream of consciousness thoughts. She worries about her reputation and whether he’ll try to “go all the way.”

    A short created by Geri Ashur, Andrea Eagan, Marcia Salo Rizzi and Deborah Shaffer, and co-directed by Ashur and Peter Schlaifer, the film is a vibrant document of the early second wave women’s movement, and the concerns and thinking of young women at that time. This film is unique in the Newsreel collection, as it was filmed with actors, with a voice-over script created from a women’s group discussion.Read More »

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