Roberto Pariante – La porta sul buio: Testimone oculare AKA Door Into Darkness: Eyewitness [+ Extras] (1973)

Roberta discovers the corpse of a young woman while driving down a remote country road late at night. Roberta reports the incident to the police, but the corpse disappears from the crime scene. Is Roberta insane? Or is someone trying to drive her crazy? Read More »

Mario Foglietti – La porta sul buio: La bambola AKA Door Into Darkness: The Doll [+ Extras] (1973)

A mental patient escapes from an asylum. The police try to find said patient before anyone in the outside world gets hurt or killed. Read More »

Dario Argento – La porta sul buio: Il tram AKA Door Into Darkness: The Tram [+ Extras] (1973)

A young woman gets murdered on a crowded tram without anyone else noticing the crime. Inspector Giordani decides to recreate the incident in order to find out the killer’s identity. Read More »

Luigi Cozzi – La porta sul buio: Il vicino di casa AKA Door Into Darkness: The Neighbor [+ Extras] (1973)

Luca and Stefania are a young couple with a baby who move into a remote seaside apartment late at night. Unbeknownst to the couple, the neighbor who lives upstairs has just murdered his wife. Read More »

León Klimovsky – Una libélula para cada muerto AKA A Dragonfly for Each Corpse (1974)

A killer is cleaning up the streets of Milan by murdering those considered as deviant. An ornamental dragonfly, soaked in the blood of the victim, is left on each body.
Letterboxd Read More »

Stelvio Massi – Arabella l’angelo nero AKA Angela the Black Angel (1989)

From iMDB:
Arabella is a nymphomaniac who has sex with any man. One day, her husband, a writer, meets her and another man. She has a strange reaction: kills the lover. Her husband hides the corpse. From that moment on, he encourages her meetings with other men, and writes down the experiences in his new book. Read More »

Alessandro Santini – La pelle sotto gli artigli AKA The Skin Under The Claws (1975)

A series of murders takes place, and in each case there are traces of decomposed flesh under the victims’ nails. Is there a link to the brilliant scientist who is performing brain transplant experiments on baboons, who thinks he is close to cheating death itself? Read More »